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S2716DG Headphone Jack Not Working


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S2716DG Headphone Jack Not Working

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I bought the above monitor from Amazon about 18 months ago and have been using it without any major issues since then. I've always connected some external speakers powered through the USB on the side of the monitor and plugged into the headphone jack. The monitor is connected to the PC via DisplayPort for the audio source.

Without any changes to the system this stopped working a few days ago. I've run the Windows 10 audio troubleshooting and it says I there's nothing plugged in ,although this could be referring to the fact there's nothing plugged into the PC itself. I've tried the following:

Plugged headphones into the monitor - still no sound
Plugged headphones into the PC itself - sound works
Updated all the drivers on the PC that needed updating - still no sound
Checked all the settings on the OSD to make sure sound should be coming out of the monitor

So it seems that the problem lies with the headphone jack itself or something else on the monitor. Has anyone experienced this before or can anyone suggest any other troubleshooting I could do?  

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  • On the taskbar, right click the speaker icon, click Playback devices. List everything in there. What specific speakers?

    Only headphones should be plugged into the S2716DG leftside Headphone-out jack.

    External speakers should be plugged into the S2716DG bottom Line-out port.

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your response. I didn't know about the line-out port so I've plugged my external speakers in there but I'm still getting nothing.

    Here are all the speakers that are showing and I've tried setting the first and the last one as default but still nothing. I've just been informed that the Realtek HD Audio popped up on a new Windows account that I created recently so I'm wondering if that has messed something up. I'm convinced this is software related so I'm considering the nuclear options and just reinstalling Windows as I stupidly haven't go a relevant restore point.

  • The -8 bothers me. That means the the operating system has "seen" the S2716DG audio 7 previous times. Open the Device Manager, uninstall the Realtek Audio driver, then reboot. It should automatically reinstall, then retest.