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u3014 DUCCS LUT3D tables


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u3014 DUCCS LUT3D tables

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How do I confirm that the DUCCS Out values have been written to the Cal1/Cal2 slots within the monitor after calibration with an X-Rite i1 Display?


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  • Is there a before and after comparing the new calibrated values in the Windows ver.

  • The confirmation would be that you calibrated/measured, gave it a unique name, and then saved it in Cal1 or Cal2. Then perhaps open the OSD (On Screen Display) Menu- Preset Modes- Color Space and check the Cal1 or Cal2 for that unique name. I cannot find anything that states the DUCCS will save the measurement values in a readable format.

  • Thanks for your prompt reply - I have uniquely named the resulting .icm file and DUCCS software writes it to the following path:C:\\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color.(and I assume a corresponding reference table to the u3014 Cal1.Cal2 slots)

    I am assuming the Cal1/Cal2 OSD slots reference these uniquely name tables on the PC and correlates these references tables in the U3014 monitor slots written by DUCCS.

    So my method is to hardware  calibrate the monitor ensuring the Cal1/Cal2 OSD is matched to the unique file name written to the PC that corresponds  to them once completed.I typically include the date of calibration and slot name in the filename to avoid mismatch


    Cal1 (when selected on the OSD) is matched to the unique file I named: Cal1Adobe 1998 19-09-2017.icm

    Cal2 (when selected on the OSD) is matched to the unique file I named: "Cal2 Native 19-09-2017.icm"

    Not sure if this is the proper procedure, but the question remains? Upon recalibration the next week/month are the Cal1/Cal2 slots overwritten by DUCCS with new values to correspond to the new file I will uniquely name and is written to the above mentioned  path? C:\\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color.

    Sorry if this description is confusing?

  • I think you are overthinking this. If the icm always have a unique name, then nothing is "overwritten". They are simply replaced by the new icm as the one being used by the operating system and monitor. The older icm will still be there, just not used.

  • Agreed - I was referring to the hardware memory slots within the monitor being overwritten not the files on the PC's HD.

    You can only choose either Cal1 or Cal2 on the OSD of the u3014. They cannot be named within the DUCCS software. So you really don't know which colour space either one was previously calibrated to, That's why I name the files uniquely that are being saved to the PC. (referencing either Cal1 or Cal2)

    So if I choose Cal1 on the OSD, I ensure that.icm  file name I saved during calibration is selected within Windows as well.

    Sorry if I'm just not getting it?

    Thanks for your patience!