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UP2516D, 2008 Ati Radeon 3600, DP, DUCCS calibration issues


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UP2516D, 2008 Ati Radeon 3600, DP, DUCCS calibration issues

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Hi guys, 

I've been reading all threads about calibrating the UP2516D and its troubles. Different software versions, new cables, only one monitor connected, different monitor settings, firmware updates, everything. (all with iDisplay Pro on Windows 7)

Still, every time I click the 'start measurement' button in the software it almost immediately disables the monitor saying there is no connection. I have to hard stop the PC and try it again. I am however able to calibrate using a standard HDMI cable. But, with HDMI it won't have full resolution, which of course I want to use with this type of monitor for photo-editing. Could this be related to an old graphics adapter? (Ati Radeon 3600)

Does it work calibrating with HDMI and then switch to DP? Although this is just a workaround and not at all what I want. 

Also, on calibrating with HDMI, it seems the blacks are way to dark which result in too brightly edited photos. (checked against prints and other screens).

Please, I'm at a loss here and am getting really frustrated with this monitor. 

Thanks for your help!

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  • The nine year old video card could be the problem. Have you checked with AMD to see if they have any newer drivers for it? Do you have access to a newer video card to test?

  • Hi Chris, thanks for the response. I have installed all latest firmware and software, but that doesn't help. It probably is in fact the old video card, no newer one around to test. It might be time to update to a brand new system after all those years : )

    Another question: is it possible to use the DUCS software with uniformity measurements to make a dedicated uniformity compensation setting for use with cal1/2?

  • No. For optimal color accuracy when using Preset Modes Color Space, sRGB or Adobe RGB, in the OSD (On Screen Display) -Color, set Zonal Color Space to Off. Open Display and verify that UC (Uniformity Compensation) is set to Off.