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Device manager error for missing drivers on "TUSB3410 boot device".


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Device manager error for missing drivers on "TUSB3410 boot device".

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I am still getting this miserable driver error message even though I've tried installing the driver offered in this answer

My machine is an XPS 8700 running a LG Electronics UM95 34UM95C 34.0-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor, not a Dell monitor. It appears whenever I update Windows or reboot or have a power outage and I have removed it from the device manager so many times it's crazy. This message won't die. Any other alternatives to stop this from happening, anyone know? All offers of help welcome and of interest as I've tried everything I know of already and am still at a loss.

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  • The driver we spoke to was a specific Texas Instrument driver for our monitors Texas Instrument USB hub. It was not for a Dell computer. We have no idea who made the USB hub in that LG monitor. Check with LG.

  • Chris,

    I understand, but prior to using the Ultrawide LG monitor I had a Dell UltraSharp 2709W 27" Widescreen Digital Flat Panel attached to this XPS-8700 box which had it's own card reader hub built in.

    I fear because of this the computer still thinks it's part of the system when it's not after having developed a distracting blue stripe on the right side which would come and go so I bought an LG monitor. This driver tries to install without prompting from me or attaching or detaching a peripheral USB device. The attempt to install can be seen in the device manager under 'other devices' as having failed to install. In addition I get a popup which says it's this specific driver that failed to install.

  • "the computer still thinks it's part of the system"
    When you removed the 2709W from the computer, you should have uninstalled its drivers and software. This way, the 2709W will not be listed in the Device Manager or in the Windows registry. Then the computer will not think that the 2709W is part of it.

    The point is the driver is looking for the Texas Instrument hub in our monitor. It cannot see it in your LG which is why it cannot install. You need to contact LG support and find out if they have an update for that LG monitor USB hub.