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S2716DG buzzing / coil whine solution?


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S2716DG buzzing / coil whine solution?

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Has Dell offered a solution to this problem? It seems the only options are to leave the monitor at default settings, cycle the settings every time you turn on the monitor, or return it. In the case of returning the monitor, a replacement is no guarantee. 

For me, any brightness lower than 60% engages the buzzing. I love the performance of the monitor but this electrical issue is super annoying. Is Dell working on a revision that solves this problem. I'm using a REV 04 and have had the monitor for about 2 months.

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  • There has not been a revision released to address buzzing. All of the S2716DG tested meet our manufacturer specifications for noise dB levels.

  • Just got one of these too. Same thing. How Dell thinks this is ok is beyond me?

    I've raised my brightness up to 98% and then adjust it back down using the video card. Note that this happens on the factory default settings.

    Still deciding if I'm going to keep this...