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UP2718Q, no Apple support, DDM, drivers


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UP2718Q, no Apple support, DDM, drivers

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Good Day,

I'm a Mac user and I'm interested in the UP2718Q. I'd like to know if there is a Display Manager version for macOS? Also, will I be able to find calibration software for my Mac, as well?



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  • johan12,

    Unfortunately, there is no Apple support, software, or drivers for the  UP2718Q. Check the supported operating system list on the UP2718Q page.

  • Jesse,

    Thanks for your prompt response. I'm sad to hear that there is no support for Apple. I did click on your link () and it sent me to the support page for the U2718Q, not the UP2718Q.

    If I visit the UP2718Q support page () it does show that the monitor does support Mac OS, but no drivers nor software are listed for the monitor.

    If you find out any new information regarding macOS support for this monitor or any way that I can use this monitor productively with macOS please let me know.



  • JOHAN12 ,

    I have emailed the Displays team for clarification

  • Thanks Jesse. I appreciate your help.