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SE2717H, Grid pattern issue?


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SE2717H, Grid pattern issue?

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I recently purchased a Dell SE2717H 27" monitor and noticed a kind of grid pattern on the screen. It seems to show up most in gray to white colors. This grid pattern is definitely separate from the pixels you can see on all screens. Any suggestions on if this is a defect or something I can fix through calibration or some dell utility?

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  • * Here is the SE2717H User's Guide
    * Reset the SE2717H to Factory Defaults, page 32
    * Then, disconnect it from the computer and run the standalone BID (Built-in diagnostics), page 40. Post pictures of the colored screens showing us the issue

  • Sony Z Pics 081.JPG

    OK I did as you asked and reset the monitor to factory settings and ran the BID. Its really hard to take pics of a monitor thats on, but here is an attempt, you can see the faint horizontal lines, which are much easier to see in real life.

    The smaller squares/lines are the pixels, its the faint horizontal lines that are the issue.

  • Ok, now connect to the computer, boot into windows. Post a picture of the windows desktop.