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Bad U2417H factory calibration due uneven color tint


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Bad U2417H factory calibration due uneven color tint

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I'm disappointed in my brand new U2417H. After receiving an unit with a very high count of stuck pixels and going through a nightmarish replacement process where I received an used, badly packaged and shattered replacement and then a different (inferior) model I finally received one display of the right model, though it's an older rev.

My main issue, though, is that it's badly calibrated. It's not what I expected to see in a monitor of this level. It likely happened because the monitor has uneven color areas:

(gray diagnostic screen with factory settings, second image just to highlight mentioned areas)

Half of has an yellow/magenta tint (#1), the other half is cooler (#3-A, this color shift is not due viewing angle), with blue smudges in central areas of the screen (#2-B). It resulted in a warm, magentaish sRGB calibration, looking worse than the Standard mode, which is very unfortunate because the calibration is what sold this monitor to me.

Is this within Dell quality standards?

Note: The #4-C are just darker areas and can be ignored.

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  • Based on those pictures, it is not defective and passes our manufacturer specification for overall uniformity. You should consider calibrating the monitor with a colorimeter and calibration software.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can't calibrate the areas of a screen separately.

    So even if I were to sink a extra couple of hundred of dollars on a device to re-calibrate it, what defeats the purpose of buying a factory-calibrated screen, and managed to achieve a "white" white, I'd still be stuck with either half+central smudges of blue screen, or half yellow tinted screen, because the colors are uneven.

    Nice. Can't wait to see the quality of a lower-end Dell monitor!