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S2716DG, Color/Shadow Banding and Gradients


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S2716DG, Color/Shadow Banding and Gradients

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Hello. I got this monitor about a month ago.  On arrival, I didn't notice any issues. But in the following week I've seen what people are calling 'color banding' on darker colors and shadows in games and even on desktop. I've tried calibrating, changing the multitude of settings available in the Nvidia Control Panel and I'm out of ideas. I've taken photos of the issue on the monitor and another on my laptop display showing the difference.


Does anyone know of a fix for this? Everything I've read has pointed to it being hardware revision A04. Older revisions have no issue (going off the word of the internet here so take that how you will). Or do I just have a faulty monitor?

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  • We need to see pictures of the BID (Built-in Diagnostics) showing the "banding".

  • It doesn't appear in the BID because there are no color gradients. The BID are solid colors and it only appears when there is a gradient.

  • Replicate the S2716DG issue on another computer and post video of the issue in action. List the complete specifications of both computers =
    S2716DG 20 digit serial number
    Computer models
    Operating Systems
    Video cards
    Video card ports
    Video card ports tested on the S2716DG
    Video card driver versions
    Cabling used

  • I've tried it on 3 different pcs with 3 different gpus. 970, 1060, 1070. Same problem. All Windows 10. I spoke with Dell support and they are sending me a replacement. Thank you for your time and support.

  • Does the new monitor no longer have these problems?

    I have the same problem and I read that it was normal?