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Dell Display Manager - Saving Custom Layout to Windows Roaming Profile


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Dell Display Manager - Saving Custom Layout to Windows Roaming Profile

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Good Evening All :-)

Quick Query / Feature Request:

On Dell Display Manager, is it possible for a users custom layout to be saved to their roaming Windows 10 profile, instead of locally to their machine.

We have brought a large number of P4317Q Monitors and Dell 7050's.

The Dell Display Manager software is used to split the screen up. As our users hot-desk and sit at different desks each day, the custom layout they have set gets overwritten by the new user when they sit at the desk and set a new custom layout.

Ideally, I would like to know if it possible to push a users custom layout to their roaming profile so that it follows them around to each desk.



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  • If anyone has any ideas, that would be really appreciated :)

  • Hello,

    Does anyone know where I can submit this as a feature request?


  • I probably misunderstood, but useless your roaming users are logging in under a single account, then each user will have their own local settings. The problem with a roaming user migrating settings from one machine to another is DDM settings are tied to a specific *monitor* and user, which allows a user with, say, triple P4317s to have different settings for each one of them. It also makes no sense for a roaming user to be able to migrate settings unless s/he is moving between machines with identical or near identical monitors - which is what your users are apparently doing. A roaming user's settings for a P4317 aren't going to be suitable if applied to a machine with a SE2418 s/he happens to roam to.

    Anyway: send your request to with a link to this thread.

  • Thank you so much, I've emailed entechtaiwan.

    You're correct in that every desk is identical and as users would like to sit at any of the desks, they would like their custom grid settings to follow them around rather than having to spend time setting the custom grid up at whichever desk they sit at.