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Amazon purchase, Monitor, Warranty, Service Tag not seen


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Amazon purchase, Monitor, Warranty, Service Tag not seen

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I purchased "Dell S Series S2415H" monitor via Amazon (India). Within a year, it stopped working. When I check the warranty on the Dell site, it says "There is no match for that Service Tag or product ID. Please try again, auto-detect or choose from all products.". How do I check to see if the warranty exists? As in Amazon its says "3 Years Onsite Warranty From Dell Direct ".

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  • As with most reseller sold Dell monitors, the tag could have originally shipped from a different country which is why it is not working on your countries site.

    * Go back to the top of this monitor Forum
    * Open the announcement, "FAQ Monitor"
    * Read through, "Monitor warranties and replacement instructions"

  • Thank you for your information.

    I have registered service tag number in the url provided in Monitor Form.

    1. Can I check the warranty status of monitor in few hours or I have to actually wait for the 15 days.

    2. When can I take this to Dell authorize service center to be inspect and fix the issue?

    In advance thanks for the help again.    

  • Hi Chris,

    Will it take actual 15 days to validate My Service Tag on the dell website as 10 days already passed.


  • Possibly. Just keep checking.

  • Hi Chris,

    Now, more than 15 days has been passed and still the service tag is not registered.

    Can you please advice next step so my monitor can start working.

    Can i give my service tag to you so you can check and advice.


  • Can any other person available for advice me on this asap.

    I have waited more than 15 days for register service tag of monitor which is stopped working within a year.

    Please help.

  • Hi Chris,

    I have not expect this kind of service from DELL.

    No body is answering my question, look like you only want to sell item and not interested repair item which is stopped working in warranty period.