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Dear guys,

I got an issue with Dell U2417H just bought one month ago.

Iam connecting my Dell to my GPU, but it cannot show Full HD resolution, it only shows 1024x768 resolution, the Device Manager only shows as below:

1/ Display adapter shows NVIDIA Geforce GTX 650

2/ Monitor shows Generic Non PnP Monitor

I tried to remove the GPU and connect My Dell to the mainboard or to the laptop thru HDMI cable, but it doesn't work also

I have downloaded the drive thru Dell website and it found that no Dell model monitors detected.

I dont know what problem iam facing and how to fix it.

Hope you guys can help me out with this issue so that i dont have to bring it to the dell center.

Lookin forward to your solution very soon.

Thank you so much!


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  • * To what computer model is the U2417H attached?

    * What operating system is installed on the computer?

    * List all of the video out ports on the Nvidia Geforce GTX 650

    * Does the U2417H standalone BID (Built-in Diagnostic) pass, page 49?

  • Dear Mr Chris M

    * My PC Destop:

    - Main: Gigabyte GA-EG41MF-US2H

    - CPU: Core 2 duo E8400

    - GPU: Zotac Geforce GTX 650

    - Ram: 6GB (3.8 Usable)

    ** OS: Win 7 Professional 64bit

    *** GPU has 3 ports: HDMI / VGA / DVI - i have tried HDMI-HDMI Cable and HDMI-DVI Cable to connect.

    **** I not try to the standalone BID pass, i will check it when i get home after work.


    - Before installing the GPU, I could connect the monitor with mainboard normally, due to the mainboard support, the monitor shows FULL HD resolution.

    - After connecting, the issue appeared, i tried to download the driver of my Dell from Dell website, the software told that not recognize any monitor U2417H

    Iam searching many ways, i got the news that the INF File of my Dell is missing so PC can not read full capabilities of it.

    All above are items i have tried but nothing happen, i listed out clearly above so that u can follow and instruct me what to do.

    Extremely lookin forward to hearing from you very soon.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Download and extract the driver into its own folder. This way, if you need to manually point the Device Manager directly to the INF, you can find it.

    * Turn the computer off
    * Turn the monitor off
    * Disconnect all monitor cables from the computer
    * Disconnect all cables (including the power cable) from the rear and side of the monitor
    * If a mechanical monitor power button, press the button in for 30 seconds (clears any residual power in the circuits). If not a mechanical power button, just wait for 30 seconds
    * Connect only one video cable from the monitor to the computer video card =
    Geforce GTX 650 HDMI out port --> HDMI to HDMI cable --> U2417H HDMI in port
    * Turn the monitor on, then the computer
    * Press the monitor Menu button, choose Input Source, choose HDMI, exit the Menu

  • I have no idea now, your suggestion not worked

    even all of circuits were cleared, HDMI cable didn't work too, until i used the DVI cable to connect it.

    So tired with this issue, iam gonna take it to the dell center, but the center not work at weekend.

    I even installed windows 32bit and 64bit again, but the my Dell U2417h is like the CRT monitor with 1024x768 resolution.

    Now i just want to know what and why this happen....

  • No idea. Get it exchanged.