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Out of Box Default Monitor


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Out of Box Default Monitor

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Hello Dell,

This is not want I expected from Dell. I bought Dell monitor SE2717H and the product is defect. I can only see wired lines starting from the corner like in the picture.

Please tell me what are my rights.

Thank you



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  • I cannot make out anything from that blurry picture.

    Did you buy this SE2717H directly from Dell? Or from some reseller?

    Take the computer, operating system, software, and cabling out of the troubleshooting equation. Run the monitor BID (Built-in Diagnostics) page 40. Post pictures of the BID colored screens showing us the issue. Post the pictures on the Forum by clicking on "Use rich formatting", then use the "Insert/Edit Media" icon.

    If you do not see the issue on the BID colored screens, then the monitor itself is fine. The fault must be the computer, operating system, video card, video card driver, or cabling.

  • Hi,

    Yes I bought from Dell website.

    When I do the BID, nothing happens. It is stil black like in picture.

    Here is the picture.

  • Get it exchanged.