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P4317Q Monitor : No display / no video


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P4317Q Monitor : No display / no video

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I just got delivery of new workstation and the 43 inch monitor. The video card on the workstation is nvidia K620. 

Connecting the computer to the monitor results in no input detected. I have selected the input to be DP. Also tried Auto-Sense. 

I also tried connecting a different computer to the HDMI port and same issue. 

Did I get a dud monitor?

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  • Does the P4317Q standalone Built-in diagnostics (page 48) run and show the colored screens? Did you test both P4317Q HDMI in ports? is there a computer there with VGA out to test the P4317Q VGA in?

  • Did you get this issue resolved? We are having the same issues with the p4317q and our e7470 laptops. We've tried all three cable connections through an e-port plus dock and still not getting video.