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U2415 Bright 6mm area across the top of the screen


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U2415 Bright 6mm area across the top of the screen

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* What is the 20 digit alpha-numeric monitor serial number and A0x revision?


* To what computer model is the monitor attached?

64 bit Windows 7 i7 custom built computer
* What video card/GPU is in the computer?

Invidia GTS 450
* What video out ports are on the video card/GPU or computer?

* List all monitor cabling attached to the computer and the ports they are using

USB in and out x3

* What Windows power plan? Example = High performance, PCI-e Link State Off

High Performance
* Press the monitor Menu button to open the monitor OSD (On Screen Display). The bottom of that screen should show a resolution. What is listed?


* Was the monitor purchased directly from Dell or some reseller?

Amazon + PCBuyIT Limited

This is my second attempt at purchasing a U2415 - the first failed (no image on screen) after 3 days sent back for a refund and I bought this one as a replacement.

The screen brightness is not uniform - there is a band across the middle 80%, about 3- 6mm high, graduated, at the top of the screen which is significantly brighter than the rest of the screen.  I feel sure this must be outside the uniform luminosity spec?

Please help.  I can post a screen shot, if required.

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  • Run the standalone BID (Built-in Diagnostics), page 58. Post pictures of all the BID colored screens. Based on those pictures, I will tell you if the monitor meets our manufacturer specification for overall uniformity.

  • Thank you for your swift response.

    I have taken the photos you requested.  In each case both in focus (with Moire patterning) and slightly out of focus).  The black is a long exposure and doesn't tell us much.  The bright band is most visible on the grey screens.  All I have to do now is find a way of posting the photos as there does not seem to be a way to attach them to this post

  • I have added the photos to my file bid photos - i hope you can access them.

  • Based on those pictures, it is not defective and passes our manufacturer specification for overall uniformity. We could not issue an exchange. My advice, return it to the seller for refund. Then buy one directly from Dell. This will assure you of getting a new one.

  • The monitor I bought was "new", although significantly cheaper than buying direct from Dell.

    I checked the brightness variation between most of the screen and the bright area at the top - the top is 30% brighter, using my camera as a spot meter.  Are you telling me that this is within the Dell specification?  If it is, then I guess if I do as you say and buy direct from Dell, I may get another "new" monitor from Dell with the same "problem".  Is that correct please?

  • I cannot speak to a hypothetical unseen monitor. All I can speak to is that one, which is in manufacturer specifications for uniformity.