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U2715H preset for photo & video editing


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U2715H preset for photo & video editing

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Hi all,

I believe this monitor the U2715H is 99% sRGB and calibrated very well from factory. I've just received this monitor and noticed theres also preset within the OSD menu.

Which is the best preset used for editing photos & video in this case? I noticed quite a bit of difference in diff presets found in the OSD menu. I'd like to be able to edit the photos and that my printed photos' color is as close as possible to what i see on the monitor.

Please advice. Thanks!

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  • That is purely subjective as to which Preset is best for your work. My advice is to test them all and see which produces the best results. Advanced users such as a photographer will want to calibrate the monitor to their subjective specifications using some hardware (colorimeter) and software. Read this.

  • In my case, I use a PhotoViewerPro program to lessen my problems about photo editing and management.

  • I think you missed my point here.. I'm not looking for a preset that "works" for me. I'm asking for which preset in the monitor that allows me to look at the screen and print out as close as possible to what I see on the screen.

    It doesn't make sense if my monitor color is adjusted to say very cool or warm temp but when I printed out it doesn't look anywhere close to what I see on the screen.

  • Hi!

    Best presets are here fixthephoto.com/free-lightroom-presets