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U3415W Pink lines and fuzziness over the screen


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U3415W Pink lines and fuzziness over the screen

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i have a U3415W monitor here that has developed pink lines an fuzziness across the screen.

I have tried using a different graphics input, onboard intel vs GTX1060 GPU, and also tried using different input methods, HDMI vs mini display port. This issue is still there using the different GPU and the different input method. i can pull the cable out of one GFX and put it in the other and the issue persists.

The only thing that fixes it is to power the monitor off then back on again. It will be fine for anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.

Anyone seen anything like this before?

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  • Hi Jason Rowe,

    Thanks for posting.

    * Go back to the top of this monitor Forum

    * Open "Read this first before posting"

    * Run #4 Self-Test and BID (Built-in Diagnostic).

    Does the issue appear when running the BID?

  • Hi Robert P

    I have run the diagnostic and it all came back fine.the issue disapears when the inputs are disconnected. And as i mentioned as its intermittent its quiet hard to capture and run at a time its happening, though i am trying. ill see what i can sus out today but it may not do it again for a while.

    There must be something wrong with it if its doing over multiple input connections over mulitple different graphic cards.

  • Can you replicate the U3415W lines issue when connecting the U3415W to a different computer?

  • Hi Chris, due to the fault being somewhat intermittent it makes it very difficult to test with the only other computer we have which is a laptop.

    when doing a restart the fault is still there, and if i power the PC off and Power it on quick enough, before the monitor goes into power save mode due to no input, its still there.

    next time it does it i will plug the laptop in while it is faulting and see if it remains.

    here is a picture of the first screen of the BIST, as you can see its not a solid colour as it should be. All the other ones were fine.

  • This images show that the monitor is still experiencing the issues when plugged into another device, a MSI Laptop.

    The symptoms appeared on the desktop computer on the Mini Display port connector. I then plugged my laptop into the HDMI/MHL port and switched inputs to the laptop. The symptoms were still there and are still there when swapping back and forth between the laptop and desktop. Powering off the monitor or having it go into power save mode and it disappears.

  • Get it exchanged.