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P2272h no hdmi signal from your device message


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P2272h no hdmi signal from your device message

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I keep getting this message when booting my new XPS 8910 "P2217h no HDMI signal from your device".  The monitor will then show the message "entering power saving mode".  The Monitor then works fine.  My input source is set to HDMI.  My monitor & HDMI cable came with the computer.  Can anyone tell me why I get this message and if I can stop it.

Yank You

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  • Check the monitor model number for us. There is no P2272h? Is the monitor connected to the XPS 8910 middle onboard HDMI out port or an HDMI out port on the bottom added discrete video card? If a video card, which specific video card model?

  • Sorry, Must be a loose nut behind the keyboard,   The monitor number is P2217H

  • Sorry the monitor is P2217H

  • P2217H cables =
    USB 3.0 Upstream
    VGA to VGA
    DP to DP

    P2217H video in ports = HDMI/VGA/DP

    Ok, look at this picture of the rear of an XPS 8910. IF you see a video card in 6, you should not be using 11 or 12.

  • OK that gets the message off, thanks for your help