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Computer cannot detect monitor via HDMI or DP


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Computer cannot detect monitor via HDMI or DP

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I just purchased a new computer. This was after Dell exchanged four, I said four monitors and two towers. The monitor cannot be detected with either the HDMI or the DP cable. This is pretty exhausting.

Please advise,

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  • My apologies for all of the issues. For us to help troubleshoot, we need some data =
    * What specific computer model?
    * If there is an added discrete video card installed in the computer, what specific video card?
    * What specific monitor model?
    * What operating system is installed?

  • I'm not very savvy but I'll try my best to give you info.&

    The computer is a xps 8920

    My husband says it's a regular video=

    card? Don't know...if the video card means the same as a graphics card, then the graphics card is a gel force r gets 1060 with 6gb gddr5 graphics memory

    The monitor is a 27 inch

    Windows10 os

  • continued... the monitor says P2717H Dell brand

  • GeForce GTX 1060 video out ports =
    DVI-D DL/HDMI 2.0/DP 1.3/DP 1.3/DP 1.3

    P2717H video in ports =
    HDMI, DP, VGA (maximum resolution is 1920x1080 so no difference in using HDMI or DP)

    * Turn the XPS 8920 and the P2717H off
    * Disconnect all video cables from the P2717H
    * Look at the picture below of the rear of the XPS 8920. The P2717H must be connected to the added video card in slot 2/3/4. Not in the onboard DP/HDMI ports in section 1 =

    * Connect like this =
    XPS 8920 GeForce GTX 1060 DP out port --> P2717H DP to DP cable --> P2717H DP in port

    * Turn the P2717H on, then the XPS 8920

    * Press the P2717H second from left Input Source button
    * Check DP
    * Exit the Menu

    Does the Windows desktop appear?