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Info on P2717H monitor?


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Info on P2717H monitor?

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I'm looking into IPS monitors, and find the P2717H model interesting. It looks sturdy and has many adjustment abilities.


How does it fare when playing movies and playing games? I haven't read any reviews detailing this – info seems sparse out there. Guess a more specific approach to my question regards input lag and ghosting.

I mostly surf the net, watch movies and occasionally play games. I'm no 144Hz e-sports gamer. But I can at times play 1st person shooters.

The peripherals I plan on using is PC (with Ubuntu), PS3 and PS4. I know this monitor model has 1 HDMI, but I assume a short extender cable can solve that, basically doing a manual re-plugging according to what I am to use.

Regarding Ubuntu: I guess the monitor doesn't need a specific driver when connected to the Ubuntu PC, right?

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  • I also cannot find any gamer reviews of the P2717H. I found this, "The Dell P2717H has a 27-inch panel with a familiar Dell design that is best for office use and for designers and video professionals. The Dell P2717H is great for office use, especially for developers who like to use multiple monitors at once, because the thin design of this monitor is great for that.".

    All the specifications can be seen here.

    You can see on the Driver page that Ubuntu was never tested by us. So we cannot know how it will respond in Ubuntu.

  • Thanks for the answers so far. Nice link to its specifications.