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U2717D, MST, Daisychain?


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U2717D, MST, Daisychain?

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On the U2717d can you tell me how you "enable" DP1.2?

I understand how to turn on the MST setting through the display OSD, but I don't see how to turn on DP 1.2. I assumed this was the same as enabling MST.

I have an HP Folio 9470m that is mirrors the two U2717d monitors that I have and I cannot get it to extend.

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  • MST and DP 1.2 are the same thing. So setting Menu- Display- MST to On on the #1 U2712D and to Off on the #2 U2717D should work =

    Computer DP out port --> U2717D DP to mDP cable --> #1 U2717D mDP in port (Menu- Display- MST On)

    #1 U2717D DP out port --> U2717D DP to mDP cable --> #2 U2717D mDP in port (Menu- Display- MST Off)

  • Thanks for your help Chris. I am still running into challenges and wonder if you can provide additional guidance?

    1. Instead of using DP to mDP from monitor #1 to #2 in the daisy chain, can I daisy chain using DP to DP?

    2. The only way I seem to be able to get the two monitors to extend is to output two Dp -> mDP cables from my laptop/docking station to the respective two monitors. My issue here is that the DDM tool only sees one monitor and I can't use the DDM command line tool to switch monitors to my second laptop.

    3. My setup includes to laptops: HP Folio, Microsoft Surface Laptop. The surface laptop functions fine with a daisy chain as setup. The HP duplicates displays, and I cannot seem to extend the image over the two displays. Can you recommend me a solution to this problem?

    Thank you!