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Black vertical line, then turns red.


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Black vertical line, then turns red.

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My Dell 2240H monitor started showing a black line on the left side of the screen, about an inch think. After PC warms up, it turns to a thin red line and stays there. I'm sure the warranty has expired by now. Any help would be appreciated.



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  • chenzo55,

    I do not recognize 2240H? I see here that we offered the S2240L, S2240M, and the S2240T. Check your model for the correct number. Then open the User's Guide and run the BID (Built-in Diagnostic). Post pictures of the BID colored screens showing us the issue.

  • Green Line.jpg

    Thanks Jesse! Sorry, my monitor is a S2240M. Tried the Factory Reset, no luck. I'll try the BID later. But here's what I'm looking at.

  • Well, that didn't work. I captured my screen with a green line going down it. But it didn't show up in the picture. Totally confused now...