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U2414H disconnected when switched off via DisplayPort


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U2414H disconnected when switched off via DisplayPort

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Hello. So as I title says, and other similar topics, my U2414H is disconnected / not recognised when it is switched off via DisplayPort (no issues with HDMI).

For example, I switch off the computer and monitor. I switch on the computer and leave the monitor off. Then, using TeamViewer I remote into the computer and see that the resolution is 800 x 600 or so, and the monitor is not recognised in the Device Manager even though it is connected (but not switched on)!! If I switch the monitor on, the resolution changes to 1920 x 1080 and it is fine.

Another example. I have my Steam, Origin, Skype, etc. at a specific window size and location on the screen. If I power on the computer with the monitor off, and I switch the monitor on after everything has loaded, all the pre-defined windows locations and size are changed (to fit the previous small resolution).

I want to buy an additional monitor, but the last thing that I want is to have all my windows moved to the other screen if I switch one off, because it is no longer recognised!!

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  • It is acting as designed. When turned off, the monitor DP/mDP handshake is terminated from the computer. Dell does not test any monitor user scenarios with the monitor turned off. You need to leave the monitor on but in some operating system powersave mode if you want to remote into it.

  • Hi Chris and thank you for your answer.

    "as designed" - what?! Why??? This defies how monitors have been working for years and years, and uses more computer resource to detect, move, adapt, etc.

    How can you design something that will mess up your desktop and software layout every time when you forget to switch it on? What if I have multiple monitors setup and I want to switch one off for whatever reason? When I switch it back on, I am expecting to have everything there exactly how I left it (eg. TeamSpeak, Facebook, Skype, forums, etc.).

    Whilst this so called "feature" (I guess this is how it is called) might be useful in 10% of the cases, how can I avoid it?? It is very frustrating...

    Thank you.

  • All of my monitors act this way when using DP or mDP (UP3216Q, U3415W, U3415W). Please list some specific Dell monitors that you have there that act differently when connecting to DP or mDP.

  • That is exactly what I am talking about, this so called DP to mDP "feature" is only present to DP and many people want an option to disable that because this is not how monitors using VGA, DVI, HDMI are working!

    Since when messing up screen layout became a standard? As long as the monitor is connected through a cable, it should be connected and recognised by the computer. Not being recognised when it is switched off helps with what exactly?

    This "feature" makes me keep my monitors turned on ALL THE TIME just because I do not want different windows or thing to be moved around on my 'active' screen. What if I playing a game and need to switch the second monitor off for 5-10 minutes? When I switch it back on, I want all the existing windows to be on the screen exactly how they were before.

    There should be a way to switch this frustrating "feature" off!!

  • There is not a way to turn it off. If inside the first 30 days from the Dell purchase date, you may return the monitor for refund. Then purchase a monitor with VGA, DVI, HDMI ports.

  • Fair enough, that is what I will do. Thank you.