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U2414H - Vertical Lines running through the screen


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U2414H - Vertical Lines running through the screen

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  So I turned my computer on this morning and upon start up I noticed my screen had  2 vertical lines running through it. (Pink and Yellow). I didnt think much of it. Until about 5 minutes later it turned into this. (see pic)

I tried contacting tech support but neither my Service Tag or Product ID seems to match anything according to the website. 

Any ideas?. (This was bought from Dell NZ around Feb 2017). 

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  • Did you use this link to search for the service tag number? When purchased directly from Dell, you also received an invoice with a Dell customer number and Dell order number. Dell New Zealand Technical Support via phone should be able to find those. What is the 20 digit serial number? Using it I can identify when it was built.

    Take the computer, operating system, software, and cabling out of the troubleshooting equation.

    Run the monitor BID (Built-in Diagnostics) page 56. Post pictures of the BID colored screens showing us the issue.

    If you do not see the issue on the BID colored screens, then the monitor itself is fine. The fault must be the computer, operating system, video card, video card driver, or cabling.

  • Hi Chris,

    I totally forgot about this thread. I have done all the testing etc. The black lines are still present during testing through the gray, green, red, blue screen testing and so on. All cables were unplugged and factory settings restored prior and post testing.  

    Have inspected pins on both monitor and cables to see if any of them were crooked as I know in some cases that could be the issue. but they are all fine. If you have any further suggestion please let me know.


  • The back label should have a 20 digit alpha-numeric number. Using that, Technical Support should be able to setup a refurbished exchange. Read this.