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UP2516D making High-Pitched Noise on Power-saving and Sleeping mode


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UP2516D making High-Pitched Noise on Power-saving and Sleeping mode

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It's the second day after I've received it and I've noticed that it produces high-pitched sound (coil whine maybe, loud enough to hear it from distance of 4 meters) when it's in power-saving or sleep mode, the only way to ged rid of this annoying noise is to turn it on or plug out the AC cable.

I've updated its firmware to latest possible, tried different AC cables and power sockets but it didn't help.

Does anyone have similar issue with UP2516D or other DELL monitor? Is it normal? Is it possible to fix this?

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  • I did not find anymore hits on this issue in my searching. Post a youtube video allowing us to hear it.

  • Since sound produced by monitor is very similar to coil whine, I'm posting this video found on youtube so you can hear it too:


    The only difference is that the UP2516Ds audible frequency is constant when the power-saving mode is turned on and it changes a little when the sleeping mode is on (maybe because of flashing power button diode).

    I don't think I have tools needed to record it properly, but this sound is audible if you don't have any hearing issues and it is definitely produced by my UP2516D when its power-saving or sleep mode is turned on.

  • We really need to hear your monitor. When you turn it off, disconnect every cable from it except the power cord, then turn it on, do you hear the noise?

  • Unfortunately my recorder is not capable of recording such high-pitched, specific noise like coil whine, but I assure you that this sound is almost the same as the noise found in posted above video. I can't measure how loud it is, but in a silent room with my laptop turned on it is audible from the other end of the room (approx. 4-5 meters).

    When it's turned on only with power cord or with other cables connected it does not produces audible sound, at least it's not audible from the distance you normally use your monitor, but when it goes into power-saving or sleep mode you can easily hear it.

  • You may initiate a monitor exchange. Test the replacement before sending any monitor back to Dell. If the replacement monitor does not have the issue, keep it and send us the original monitor. If the replacement monitor has the same issue, I doubt that they both could be defective and what you are hearing must be considered normal. Send the replacement monitor back to Dell.

  • I have the same problem.  Any suggestions?