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S2716DG buzzing?


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S2716DG buzzing?

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I got a new S2716DG a couple of days ago, and so far I like the monitor.  It's an A03 with an April 2016 build date.  The one odd thing is that it's pretty easy to get it to make an audible buzzing sound by playing with the brightness.

At the default (75), it doesn't usually buzz.  But if I start lowering the brightness, it will start buzzing somewhere in the 30 - 40 range.  And once it starts buzzing, it won't stop until I raise it to around 80 or so.  Then I can drop it back to the default again with no buzzing.

A quick google search makes it sound like this has happened to other people, and I even found workarounds like using the Nvidia software to tweak the brightness from the PC side.  But since this is a brand new monitor, is this considered a defect and should I ask for an exchange?

(And before anyone asks, I tried different refresh rates, Gsync on / off, etc.  None of it seems to make a difference.  And I've got an EVGA GTX 1080 FTW with the latest drivers.)


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  • There has not been a revision released to address buzzing. All of the S2716DG tested meet our manufacturer specifications for noise dB levels. Based on other users reports, they all have some buzzing if you move away from the Factory default of Brightness 75, Contrast 75.

    Getting an exchange will not change this scenario. Return the S2716DG to Factory defaults of Brightness 75/Contrast 75. Then make Brightness and Contrast adjustments within the video card control panel. 

  • Thanks for your help.  So you're saying an expensive monitor is SUPPOSED to make a noise you can readily hear from a normal seating position in front of the monitor?  

    Thanks again for your help.

  • I am saying that anytime you deviate from the Factory Default of 75/75, anomalies come into play. So stay at the Factory Defaults and make adjustments within the video card driver.

  • My monitor has the same issue, but I chose to use the display driver workaround instead of going through the hassle of returning/exchanging. I just want you to be perfectly clear. Are you suggesting that a product purchased from Dell is only good at factory settings and any defects caused by the modification are not Dell's problem?

    anytime you deviate from the Factory Default of 75/75, anomalies come into play. All of our testing and validation is done at 75/75. So, yes, we will instruct that you go back to the manufacturer factory settings.

  • I bought mine from Best Buy.  It didn't hum the first day.  Sometimes it takes a while to warm up before it starts humming.  I exchanged it for another one because I really didn't like the buzzing or humming.  

    The new one didn't start buzzing till day 2 or 3.  So yea I exchanged it and the new one buzzes too.  Mine Buzzes with factory defaults so that response from Dell doesn't really address the issue.  

    If I raise it to 80/82  it will make a small clicking noise, and stop buzzing.  then I can lower it back to 75.  It wont' buzz until I turn the monitor back on.  

    Not sure what's causing this issue but it seems to happen normally, even though I really don't like it.  Maybe Dell can make some drivers or suggestions on how to work around this.

  • @Velobro what did you do in your display driver to stop the humming?  I still have 10 days to return mine and I am seriously considering it.

  • Mine does it too, wondering if I should return.  It buzzes even on the factory settings...to get it to stop, I have to manually adjust the brightness to 95+ and then I can lower it.   Don't understand why that would be...  So no Deviation from factory settings and its does it.

  • Well I got an exchange from Dell, seemed to be fine for a few days...and now the same thing.  This is AT the factory settings...seems to be when it wakes up from sleep (I have deep sleep disabled).  Mine basically does the same thing Dogii's does..raise the brightness it stops and then you can lower it.

  • My S2716DG rev.A03 does not emit any buzzing sound at all, so if anybody is having problem with this, it is definitely a defect. Or would you rather say that my monitor has a defect, when it does not buzz? But then again, I do not see "incl. warm buzzing sound" in the list of the features for this monitor, so I guess my unit is correct in this regard.

    Changing brightness via graphics card software is really not an option, because it would consume unnecessarily high ammount of power, for starters, not to mention that backlight lighting would be pretty visible in dark scenes too. The default brightness settings on this monitor produces luminance somewhere between 250-300cd/m2. And not being able to use HW brightness setting would be unheard of even in the nineties.

    Michal Pospichal

  • Hi there,

    I just purchased this same monitor revision A03 in my opinion this is completely unacceptable and I want a response from Dell. So far this is what I know, when I turn on the monitor it will buzz non matter what brightness setting I set it at. Once I raise the brightness over 80 I can hear an audible almost clicking noise followed by the sound going away allowing me to adjust my brightness below 75 without the audible buzz. As soon as I turn the monitor on and off it comes back. Sorry but this is just not acceptable in 2017, I would like to know what my options are, as others have said telling us don't adjust the settings on the monitor is just ridiculous.

  • Hey man I figured I would let you know that this is exactly what I am experiencing, I also bought my monitor from Best Buy. In my opinion Dell needs to fix this manufacturing defect and replace the monitors.

  • I plan on not letting this thread go till a constructive post acknowledging this issue is made by Dell.

    On top of the things I have tried to fix this issue, factory reset, power cycle, I also tried plugging the monitor directly into the wall and using a power conditioner to rule out bad power delivery. I know there seems to be a revision 04 out there so I am wondering if anyone with this revision suffers from similar issues

  • My replacement monitor seems to be working fine.   If you have the buzzing, get a replacement from Dell.  The replacement I have is Rev A04.

  • Hey John thanks for the information, how long have you had the replacement monitor for?

  • John I noticed you got a second replacement are you on your third now? Also how does the exchange work do you have to send the monitor first or does dell allow new replacement delivery first? I don't want to be stuck with no monitor for one to two weeks