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U2711, Dual, Primary monitor will not power on


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U2711, Dual, Primary monitor will not power on

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I have a dual monitor setup with two U2711 monitors on Dell Precision T5810 with an NVIDIA Quadro K2200 display adaptor.  The monitor in trouble is display #1 connected via the DisplayPort. Monitor #2 is connected via a DVI type connector.

At the end of the workday I shut down my desktop and turn off the monitors #1 & #2, usually in that order by pressing the power buttons on the face of the display.  In the morning I usually switch the monitors on with the power buttons and then the desktop, usually in that order as well but not always.

Lately monitor #1 (DisplayPort) has not been turning on when I press the power button.  None of the menu stubs will light up and the power button remains dark no matter how many times or how long I press it.  

The only way to get the monitor going again is to disconnect the power supply cord, count to ten and plug it back in. There's a popping and static electrical sound and then the power button works fine.

Does this represent some kind of physical defect, impending failure of the power supply, etc. or is it a configuration / software bug?

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  • I would swap monitor #1 and #2 as far as ports and cabling to see if the issue follows the specific monitor. If it does, sounds like it is starting to fail.

  • Trying this.  The first night and nothing's happened.  It didn't do it every night though, so we'll see.

    Interesting note: I switched the monitors while the computer was off and kept the cables in the same place so DisplayPort is still on my left and DVI is still on my right.  Yet when I turned my system on in the morning my primary monitor, which was on my right (DVI) is now on my left (DisplayPort), yet all the desktop icons are still where they were left & right.  Why would that be?  

  • So it finally happened again and it was the other monitor this time!  Both times it was the monitor on my left, the one plugged in with the DisplayPort.   I think it's fair to say it's not the monitor so how can the graphics card make a monitor become unable to wake up when the computer is turned off?

  • So, I have almost the same setup.  Two U2711 monitors, primary plugged into DisplayPort and secondary plugged into DVI.  I have a custom built PC using a GTX980 graphics card.  Everything was working fine, the only change (I don't quite remember if it's when this started) was I upgraded to Windows 10 was on Windows 7 prior.

    I can get the primary monitor to turn on, but once I shut it off for a period of time, it will not turn back on without removing the power for a bit, haven't counted but probably over 10 seconds

    I am working on getting proper drivers just to verify that's not the issue

    Just curious if you are on Windows 10 as well?


  • No, I'm still on 7.  Still have the problem so I'm leaving my monitors on overnight.  Great for my carbon footprint.  :(

  • I also started having this issue with my U2711, after switching to a DisplayPort cable when I got a new video card (GTX950). If I unplug the power for several seconds it will start working again. If I don't wait long enough, it will power on but not make the beep sound. And if I do it too quickly, nothing will happen.

    I'm running Windows 7 and I have a second monitor hooked up via VGA through a DVI-to-VGA adapter.

  • Long ago dead thread, I raise thee!  Just thought I'll let classic U2711 monitor users know that I've ran into a couple of similar issues with the monitor as well but have found a solution.  The most frequent problem is if I turn the screen on too early during a computer cold boot, the Dell soundbar attached to it wouldn't work (no sound via DisplayPort).  I would have to turn off the screen after the PC has fully booted up and then turn it back on to get sound.  I do turn off a power bar that the screen attaches to when the computer is off and as I said, the connection is DisplayPort.  Recently after some NVIDIA driver updates, I started to have a more serious issue in which after the computer to sleep and I try to turn on the screen, it wouldn't respond.  Black screen and remains off.  It would take a power pull (and a slight wait) for me to be able to turn on the screen again.  I don't know if this is exactly what users here have ran into, but for me, turning off DDC/CI has solved both issues for me.  It looks like Dell was trying to send some extra info via DisplayPort that isn't fully compatible.  So try it out if you've still using this screen.  Menu > other settings > disable DDC/CI.

  • I've a brand new PC with GeForce 1070 GTX but I use my old DELL U2711 as it is a prefect photo editing monitor. I use Windows 10 for a long time without any problem but since I changed from HDMI to DisplayPort connection I experience the same problem as you all! I's very annoying!

    I'll try you hint Aleunge immediately. If I switch off the DDC/CI will I loose any positive function?

  • Oh hey zsfritz.  Sorry man.  I didn't get any notifications about a reply.  If you haven't already figured it out, the DDC/CI feature should be only some proprietary tech from Dell for the computer to control certain settings via the computer vs. the Dell's screen buttons.  At least that's how I understand it.  It's mostly bug free now, but occasionally, if I turn off the screen and the computer goes to sleep, I still get the black screen deal.  I still would have to unplug and plug back in the power then.  Happens much less now though.

  • Apparently I'm not the only one who's having this problem, but since it stayed with the monitor on the DisplayPort cable and not a specific monitor I'm willing to bet this will be resolved with an answer that it's the fault of the graphics card and so it's not their responsibility and never mind the fact that it's the monitor that's not waking up.