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S2716DG, Wake Up Issue, Disable Monitor Deep Sleep


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S2716DG, Wake Up Issue, Disable Monitor Deep Sleep

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I am the new owner of a 2716DG Dell Gaming Monitor - but having a strange issue when turning on or restarting computer -
Monitor using DVI (Asus VG248QE) will start up correctly - but the dell monitor will not start up until power cycled or alternatively the mDP - DP cable can be re-seated for the same effect

I have read online about various wake up issues with DisplayPort technology but none specifically with this monitor. Here is the relevant technical information -

* What is the 20 digit alpha-numeric monitor serial number? CN-0NNV54-74261-5AM-0L6Q-A01
* What specific computer model? Self built
* What operating system? Windows 10
* What video card? Nvidia GTX 970
* Video card driver version? 361.75 (Have also tried latest non-beta drivers)
* What video out ports are available on the video card? mDP x 3, HDMI, DVI
* What video out port are you using from the video card to what video in port on the monitor? mDP to DP
* What cable are you using to attach the video card to the monitor? StarTech.com Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter Cable - Video/Audio Cable - Mini-DisplayPort (M) - 20 pin DisplayPort (M) - 1.8 m - Latched
Have also tried -
Accell UltraAV Version 1.2 Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable - White
* What windows power plan? Balanced
* Press the monitor Menu button to open the monitor OSD (On Screen Display). The bottom of that screen should show a resolution. What is listed? 2560x1440, 144Hz G-SYNC Mode
* Was the monitor purchased from Dell or some reseller? Reseller

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  • I'm pretty sure it were already stated in this forum that disabling "Monitor Deep Sleep" in the "Menu" - "Others" solves the problem. Did you already try this?

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  • It appears that you are having boot up issues with the S2716DG? Wake up issues would imply that the computer was on but in some sleep mode? Have you tested all three of the Nvidia GTX 970 mDP out ports? Test without the Asus VG248QE being connected to the Nvidia GTX 970. Have you tried lowering the monitor Hz to 60, then retesting?

  • Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply.

    I was referring to the monitor waking up from sleep - rather than the PC... I'm not familiar with the normal terms used. 

    Have tested with all thee mDP ports and same issue.

    Without the VG248QE (DVI) connected the monitor starts up correctly. This leads me to believe that the GPU is not trying to initiate a DisplayPort handshake once it has discovered the primary monitor.

    What are your thoughts on this - IS power cycling the monitor initiating the handshake from the monitor side?

  • I think that the monitor power cycle is pinging the video card which in turn initiates the DP handshake. When both are connected, is the S2716DG primary and VG248QE secondary in the Nvidia Control panel?

  • I also own this monitor as I purchased it less than 2 weeks ago.

    My setup is identical to yours except i'm running a GTX 980Ti.

    I've noticed that it has an issue of waking-up after the PC goes into power-saver mode and the monitor goes to sleep.  THIS OCCURS IN BOTH MY WINDOWS 10 AND LINUX MINT 17 ENVIRONMENTS.

    I'll step-away for a few minutes and when I return to my PC, the monitor is in sleep and the white power led on the bottom right is slowly blinking.  I'll jiggle the mouse and/or type on the keyboard (which is lit by-the-way) but the monitor won't come-out of it's sleep.  What I've discovered works (i was hitting the reset button on my PC for a while) is pressing on the button closest to the power led light (far-right button).  This wakes-up the monitor and i'm able to go about my business.  

    However I don't think it should be working that way.  My Dell U2410 Ultrasharp didn't have this issue before I replaced it with this new Dell.

  • Yes, the S271DG is listed as Primary in the Nvidia Control panel, with the VG248QE listedd as secondary.

  • So by pressing the #4 Exit button, the monitor wakes up? Yes, try that and post the results.

  • Yes Chris, this works as a workaround 

    Just so it can be noted, I am looking for a permanent fix as this is not satisfactory for a very expensive monitor.

    Will PM you the requested details.

  • Perhaps these are just faulty. As far as I know, A01 is the latest. Per the warranty, you may initiate a monitor exchange. Test the replacement before sending any monitor back to Dell.

  • Please let me know if the replaced Monitor had the same issue or if the new one solved your problem. I have the same issue :(

  • I'm pretty sure it were already stated in this forum that disabling "Monitor Deep Sleep" in the "Menu" - "Others" solves the problem. Did you already try this?

  • Yes i already did it and still have the Problem. Sometimes it works, sometimes Not. Did factory reset, u2515h works perfectly at the mdp of my Notebook.

  • Unfortunately disabling "Monitor Deep Sleep" not worked for me. What I did is to go to advanced settings of power settings, found PCI Express bus and disabled energy saving there. And it finally worked for me. But still its only workaround and not fix.

  • I have the same problem with my AMD R9 280X.  In this case, my Dell SG2716DG is hooked up to the HDMI port.  When the computer posts -- I see the ASUS / bios screen -- but as soon as windows takes over, the signal drops.  Depending on circumstances I've been unable to isolate, the monitor /may/ or may not eventually pick up the signal.

    As a result, I've hooked up my old UH2312HM to the DVI port of the 280X and it works a charm.  Nothing I've been able to do with respect to the SG2716DG is a reliable workaround or fix.  

  • Hi.

    I have exactly the same problem. When the Dell S2716DG goes to sleep (NOT the computer), it is not enough to touch the keyboard or mouse to wake the monitor up.

    I have always been able to wake the monitor by touching the keyboard or mouse, but not with this monitor. I have tried many monitors with this computer, from several vendors, so it is THIS model that has problems, not the computer or some other excuse.

    I have to turn it off and on again before I get a picture.

    This is very annoying, and I hope there is a f ix for it.

  • I'm having this issue as well w/ 980ti. This monitor is set to 60hz.

    I have 3 monitors of different brands and all connected via same-brand of DP cable. The other 2 monitors wake up, this one doesn't. It doesn't matter which port on the card it's connected to and it's set as the primary display.