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U2414H Banding using sRGB preset.


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U2414H Banding using sRGB preset.

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My monitor is exhibiting banding with the sRGB preset. It doesn't do this on the Standard preset, but I would like to use the sRGB preset since that's the one that was factory calibrated. Is there anything I can do to correct this?

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  • Did you use the OSD (On Screen Display) to Reset to Factory defaults? Post a picture of all the modes.

  • No, I didn't reset to Factory Defaults. I wasn't sure if doing that would overwrite the factory calibrations. All I've done is change between preset modes and adjust brightness. I don't have a camera. I'm one of the few people who don't own a cellphone and who aren't Amish. But this is what is listed:






    Color Temp.


    Custom Color

  • Factory default does not over write calibrations. I would reset and check all modes.

  • I haven't installed the driver disc or ICC profile. Should I use the disc, or download the most recent version? Is the ICC profile on the disc related to the factory calibrations, or does every monitor get the same profile?

  • Install the driver from the File Library. The driver includes the INF, ICM (ICC), CAT files.

  • Some gradient banding problem also on my new U2414H.

    I had think it was related to low source video quality but i can see banding problem also on Spotify and Steam interface and on some videoclips in game (Witcher 2).

    On this test page www.lagom.nl/.../gradient.php instead the banding problem is almost invisible.

    Video Card Sapphire HD7870

    OS Windows 10

    Input Color Format: RGB

    Preset Mode: sRGB

    I would like to know if the author of this thread solved his problems.

    What can I do to try to solve it?