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U2715H - Windows automatically resized when monitor turns off then back on


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U2715H - Windows automatically resized when monitor turns off then back on

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  • Windows 8.1 Pro
  • only 1 monitor connected to PC
  • resolution set to native 2650x1440 at 60Hz
  • via mDP from monitor to DP on EVGA 750 ti SC (Dell cable)
  • all drivers updated 12/28/15

I just bought this monitor and I've noticed this strange behavior. Whenever I turn off the monitor (or it turns off by itself), if I didn't have a window maximized, all windows (regardless of size) gets automatically resized to fit neatly in the upper left quadrant when the monitor turns back on again.  If I did have something fullscreen, this behavior doesn't occur.

I find this really annoying. This behavior did not happen with my previous monitor, which was only 1080x1200.

I've been unable to find any setting for the U2715H to disable this "feature." This is NOT due to Dell's EasyArrange. I am not using that feature. And this still happens with Display Manager not installed.

Is this just a "feature" of the Dell U2715H? Is a Windows setting responsible? Please help.


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  • This is not a monitor issue. It is a video card driver issue. This two tile resolution issue is being reported on many newer monitors and video cards on the following Forums, Dell, Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD. We are even seeing the issue when the windows boxes are minimized. On wake up and opened, they appear top left. All you can do is keep testing newer video card drivers when they are released. My advice is to simply close all window boxes when stepping away from the system. This is what I do on my UP3216Q and U3415W.

  • Thank you.  I'm relieved to learn it's a driver and not related to the monitor itself.  

  • There have been no driver or hardware changes from my first post.  BTW, my monitor is a Rev A02.

    A couple of days after my previous message, another issue cropped up.  The monitor would intermittently flash ON/OFF every few seconds.  I disconnected/reconnected the mDP-DP cable and that seemed to fix things ... until the next day.  This time, nothing I did could fix the random turning ON/OFF of the monitor.  Desperate, I decided to plug in an old HDMI cable I had lying around.  The flashing issue was fixed.  Not only that, using HDMI solved my original issue of auto resizing of windows.

    The solution to my original problem: use an HDMI cable.  I switched from the Dell mDP-DP cable and the issue was resolved; no more windows resizing automatically when the monitor goes into sleep/turns off.  I still get full native resolution at 60Hz and there are no noticeable downsides to using the HDMI versus DP.  I have been using the HDMI cable for about a week and there are no other issues.

    Just to further check, I bought an Accell UltraAV DP-DP 1.2 cable (B142C-007B-2), one of the few officially approved by VESA (refer to link below).  Using this cable did NOT solve my original automatic window resizing issue.  I did not use it long enough to see if it would prevent the random flashing issue.

    I still don't know the exact cause of my original issue.  I guess it's a driver issue with the DisplayPort standard.  But if you don't need DP 1.2 functionality, I suggest you just use the HDMI output from your GPU (if it has one).


  • I have a brand new Precision Tower 3620 with a Dell P2418HZ monitor connected via DP that exhibited the same problem. As suggested, I switched to an HDMI cable, and the windows no longer resize and move around in weird ways when the monitor resumes from sleep or is turned off/on.