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P2715Q monitor, won't wake from sleep from power saving


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P2715Q monitor, won't wake from sleep from power saving

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Sorry, I know this is a re-post but I could not reply to those posts. My P2715Q (still in warranty) is not waking up from sleep. I have Dell and HP machines and after either machine goes to sleep and then wake up, the monitor does not wake up. 

Dell: Windows 7, ATI Radeon, HDMI

HP: Windows 10, NVIDIA GTX 745, mDP (also tried with HDMI)

My Dell U2715HM does NOT have this issue (with either machines). All display drivers are up to date. Monitor has been reset to factory state. 

I have tried calling Dell many times and they checked my Dell machine and settings are okay. The issue is very annoying. Any ideas? 

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  • What revision (A00, A01, etc.) is your P2715Q?

  • A00

  • Dell Technical Support for your region should setup a used exchange for an A03 revision of the display. A used exchange is the only way to get the A03. For your region, the part number they should order is X24K1.

  • So i reference this thread when calling?

  • Sure. But they should know about it already.

  • I have a P2715Q (A00) on a Dell Venue Pro 11 (7139) same issue...won't wake from sleep without removing power and plugging it back in.  Even turning the monitor off then on doesn't work.

    Is there a way to update to A03 ourselves or is A03 a hardware update also?

  • We do not have any mechanism in place to allow customers to flash the firmware on this Dell monitor. This is only done in our service centers on New and returned monitors. The only way to get a different revision is via a used monitor exchange.

  • Hi! Chris M, the experience calling support has been to say the least painfull. Is there a number where I can talk to people who actually understand the issue ? No one seem to acknowledge the existence of the A03 hardware revision, and mention problems with the cable (? - problem to wake from sleep, not to make the screen work!), or the Nvidia drivers (not even a nvidia graphics card),... 


  • I called Dell customer service twice, and they didn't know about the issue, I tried to request a revision A03 but the Dell representative didn't know how to request a specific revision. A the end he replaced my two p2715q monitor rev A01 by Rev A02. Conclusion: I still have the same problem! Dell support for workstations is great but for monitors is terrible, to say the least.

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  • Hi Chris,

    Like many others on this forum I've run into this same issue with the P2715Q A01. The monitor will intermittently fail to wake from sleep, and occasionally becomes unresponsive unless I unplug and replug it in.

    My experience with Dell tech support line has been frustrating to say the least. They are completely unaware of the issue with the A01. I've sent them this thread, but they will not acknowledge that it is a a known problem with A01. They sent a replacement, but it's also an A01 and has the same problem.

    Chris, can I PM you the email address of the rep I'm working with?  I am otherwise not getting anywhere. 

  • I am having the same issue. I was sent an A02 but it still has the same issue.

  • I just got off a 20 minute call with support, and they refused to set up a used exchange for the two A00 firmware monitors I have;  They kept insisting the issue was due to a driver issue on my computer, and refused to refer to check on any information I related regarding the A00 firmware and the wake from sleep issue.  Is there a way to set this up without getting stonewalled by the call center?

  • I have 3 A003s and have the same issue, has anyone resolved this? Having issues on my Mac Mini and PC with it coming out of sleep. Also, on my dual monitor windows 10 my windows all move to my default screen.

  • I have a Dell Precision 5810 workstation that I bought over a year ago - and just never had a chance to setup.  I remember when I first put the thing together - I did have a huge amount of issues getting the monitor to wake up, to the point where I just hooked another monitor up to it.  

    So last week I got the system setup again - hooked up the P2715Q monitor - and when the system went to sleep, I couldn't get the monitor to wake up.  I wasn't sure what the problem was at first - and then I did some searching and found posts all over the internet about the wake up problems.

    Well I decided that I was going to go dual monitor on this system - so I bought another P2715Q , which just arrived today.  

    The new monitor is a Rev A05 - the monitor I bought with the system is a Rev A01.  

    The Rev A05 monitor - does not have the problem.

    So what do I have to do to get the Rev A01 monitor exchanged for one that doesn't have the issue?  I don't want to spend the next few years constantly pulling the power on this thing to get it to wake up......