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U2415 Audio Question


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U2415 Audio Question

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I have spoken with two Dell support reps on the phone about this but I am still uneasy about the responses. Didn't feel confident enough to go ahead and buy the monitor. I'm looking at the U2415. I want to connect my TV box to one of the HDMI ports on the monitor, and then I want to pull the audio signal from the monitors "Audio Line Out" and send that to my home audio system. However, after reading the specs on Dell's website and also downloading and reading the monitor's manual, I found discrepancies. The specs say you can connect your own speakers to the audio line out. However, the manual says "headphones are not compatible with the audio line out". And, there is also an indication that the audio line out may only work with Dell's Sound Bar. If one can connect any normal speakers to the line out, why wouldn't headphones work? This concerns me. So the real question is, does the U2415 decode the HDMI audio coming in and then route an analog audio signal to the audio line out, or not. Is the signal coming out of the audio line out on the monitor an analog signal or a digital signal. Any help greatly appreciated and thanks a bunch in advance.

- Noel

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  • Headphones are not grounded and shielded. So you will hear "noise" if connected directly to the monitor audio out jack. The audio out will work with any grounded speakers. All the video in ports are digital so the audio must be digital.

  • Thanks for the response Chris.  So therein lies the problem, the digital audio out, which doesn't make sense.  Does this mean that the millions of powered PC speakers most people already have will not work with this monitor since nearly all PC speakers that I am aware of do not feature a digital audio input?  Most use analog input.

  • I was just going off of the description of the video ports in the User's Guide. Perhaps that confused both of us. The sales site simply states, "1 Audio Line out (connect your speakers)". Notice it does not mention analog or digital.

  • Yeah, I looked there first.  Then I also downloaded the PDF manual for the monitor and nothing there either.  Dell rep I spoke with directly on the phone days ago assumed after long discussion that it is a digital out.  And now you kind of think so too, but I'm still not convinced that it is digital out.  It just doesn't make sense that a monitor manufacturer would expect everyone to dump there traditional PC speakers and replace them with expensive digital input speakers.  The audio issue is a killer for me with this monitor.  On the other hand, it is the only monitor I have found so far that has EVERYTHING I want (except for the audio issue).  If I could somehow verify that it is actually analog audio out, then I would buy this monitor tonight.

    Thanks again Chris.