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[UP3214Q] Enabling & Setting up MST for 4k 60hz - Help Please!


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[UP3214Q] Enabling & Setting up MST for 4k 60hz - Help Please!

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I received my new Dell UP3214Q today! However, Im struggling to enable 2160p 60hz with mst. 2160p 30hz works easy with dp1.1. Ive enabled DP1.2 on the monitor and in Win 7 Screen Resolution settings im getting and error when I try and extend display to second half - "Unable to save display settings". Ive been messing around for hours and Sometimes on the settings im able to see both halves side by side in mirror mode and sometimes i get one halve 1920 x 2160 and the other 1920 x 1080. Ive installed the monitor drivers. I have 13.2 amd drivers installed. do i have to install the usb cable as well? Ive tried disabling tri fire. What a headache! Please I need help! My system:
asrock extreme 11 x79
32gb 1866mhz ram
3x R9 290X


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  • I got it going by playing with bezel correction in AMD Catalyst.

  • I got it going by playing with bezel correction in AMD Catalyst.
    * Are you saying you resolved the issue? Explain in detail, "bezel correction in AMD Catalyst".

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  • I don't know how to explain it.

    But I was messing around with extending displays and disabling displays in Windows 7 and Same thing with AMD catalyst control panel. Eventually I gave up and reset everything back to standard and started again. So i re enabled MST DP1.2 on the monitor. I then had a stretched 1920 x 2160 image across the monitor. In windows 7 screen resolution - i could see the second half of the display was recognized but I could not enable it or make it my primary etc so i left it as is. I opened AMD CCP and selected create eyefinity display. and the 2:1 arrangement and enabled. But the screen was still messed up. I then went to Adjust Bezel Compensation and adjusted the Yellow triangle so it was uniform. and clicked apply. Then bam I had my 3940 x 2160 image at 60hz.

    Its pretty rough but I'm not risking going through all that again.

    Only thing that bothers me now is when I start windows I see all the post and boot screens but sometimes when windows has loaded I either get the stretched 1920 x 2160 image or a black screen. But its easy fixed with pressing the monitor power button off and on .