Dell S2340M Monitor Burn In On Left Side, Every-Other-Line Discoloration, and Overall Discoloration after 8 months


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Dell S2340M Monitor Burn In On Left Side, Every-Other-Line Discoloration, and Overall Discoloration after 8 months

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Hey, I have a Dell S2340M Monitor which I got for christmas and I started having problems with it a few weeks ago. There is some Burn In on the left side of the monitor which continues even after the VGA cable connecting the monitor to the computer is disconnected. Examples of Burn In:

In the examples you can see in the top left a URL bar from the Chrome Browser and in the bottom left some HUD from the game Team Fortress 2 as well as a "" watermark from a TF2 server. Just a few hours ago the entire screen suddenly gained a deep cyan-green tint. Example of Discoloration: 

The example is a picture of my desktop. For comparison, this is my wallpaper:

There is also discoloration of pixels on every other line of the screen, which is too small to see in these examples. The very top line of pixels on the screen appear to be unaffected by the overall cyan-green tint though. And judging by the many other posts with this exact issue, I doubt there's a fix for this. Yes, I did unplug the VGA cable I was using and do the self-test and the burn-in was still there. How may I go about getting a refund or replacement?

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  • Nathan K,

    A refund is not possible. A refund is only given within the first 30 days from the original invoice/order date. You can get the S2340M exchanged. Because you are outside of the initial 30 days from the original invoice date, the replacement will be a refurbished monitor. Contact Dell Customer Support. Provide to them the following data so they can setup a like for like monitor exchange =
    Email Address:
    Shipping Address:
    Phone number:
    S2340M Order number:
    S2340M 20 digit alphanumeric PPID serial number:
    Reasons =
    Burn In:

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  • I have the same problem!! I bought 4 of these monitors in December of 2012 and as of today ALL of them have had this issue and had to be replaced. Yes ALL of them had the exact same issue. First one 2 months after purchase, second one a couple weeks after that. the third about 1 month later and yep two days ago the 4th. These monitors are great when they work. There is obviously a serious issue with these monitors. For the record the manufacture date on mine are Nov /Oct2012.