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New U3014 problems.


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New U3014 problems.

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I have a new DELL U3014 monitor and have problems with it since unpacking, some of which still persist.

I initially called Dell support on this and after many queries about the issue and monitor details and being on hold, I was finally told I had the software support on line and should try a different number (which I've misplaced). Any help would be appreciated.

My system details: Win7.4 Home Premium SP1, 64 bit, Intel i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 4800 series video card

Monitor Details: Service Tag <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed as per privacy policy> S/N CN-OP1V6N-74445-323-325L Manufacture Feb 2013 REV A01


First, when I installed the monitor using the DVI cable supplied with the monitor and set the resolution to 2560x1600, the display defaulted to 1280x1600 (shown in gray next to the cable icon on the monitor's front panel pop-up menu).  This 1280x1600 is not listed on the options for resolution settings and gave a severely distorted and pixelated output on the monitor. Is this normal? I am very surprised that the DVI cable did not work with the monitor.

The resolution/pixilation problem went away when I switched to the  Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable supplied with the monitor and the native resolution of 2560x1600 is now set.

Next, to get a consistent color display I had to disable the "smart video enhance" on the monitor menu and set everything as standard both on the monitor display menu and the Dell Display Manager software.

Now the bad news:

  1. When the system goes to hibernate/sleep the monitor comes back on but there is no display (I get a blank screen - glowing a  bit, so you can tell it's on, not just black but the desktop is not displayed) To get video output I have to physically turn the monitor off and on again with the power button and only then is the desktop displayed. This does not happen if only the monitor goes to power save, but only after the full system sleep is activated
  2. The  powered USB port (bottom one on the left side of monitor) does not seem to have any power. Connecting an external CF card reader to this USB port does not power the card reader. Am I wrong in expecting this port to be available for an external USB3 CF card reader? Do I need to do something other than connect the supplied upstream USB3 cable to my PC to make the down steam USB3 ports active and this one powered?
  3. (and this is big one) Even though the monitor is set to the native resolution of 2560x1600, the display shows fine horizontal black lines on the monitor. mostly on the bottom left side of the monitor. It looks like very fine scan lines, or lines we used to get on cheap inkjet printers. I've spent a lot of time staring at these and am not imagining it. I have not been able to get a screen capture to show an example here.

The 30" size of this monitor is excellent for my photo editing work and I would like to keep the monitor, so much so that I have ordered a sound bar for it (before noticing the problems)

Considering the problems I had with the DVI cable and the monitor not showing display after waking from sleep mode, the fine lines on the display and not getting power on the USB port, I wonder if I have a faulty unit.

Any help from Dell support on this forum would be appreciated. Meanwhile I'll keep using this thing before my vendor return date policy runs out.


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  • No responses yet, but I have an update since the original posting.

    Upon last boot up, the monitor did not show any display. My PC would boot up (not that I could see anything) but the monitor would say - no signal and go into power save mode. After a few attempts I hooked up a second monitor through the DVI port and saw the windows login screen! I logged in and started windows and presto the U3014 came on and now I had two monitors functioning!

    I performed a shut down, removed the second monitor from the DVI port and restarted and this time the U3014 came on normally. But who knows about next time....

    The diagnostic menu (holding buttons 1 and 4 on the U3014 panel) does not launch.

    The powered USB outlet on the monitor does not charge an iPad3

    The "scan lines" on the lower left persist, and the U3014's erratic behavior on boot up and coming out of sleep mode have me very concerned about this monitor.

  • If you can return the monitor.  Your problems coupled with the RTC (overdrive) issues makes this monitor a no go IMO.

  • Thanks.

    What is RTC issue?

    I need to know if I have a bad copy or if all U3014 have these problems.

    When it's working, it's a nice monitor (except for the lines)

    Waiting to hear from Dell customer service.

  • I have the same problem.

    The monitor sometimes does not fully go to sleep/ the led does not turn off/ the monitor does not show the display  entering power saver mode when windows turns off the monitor. When this occurs it will not come out of sleep also menu will not work when in this state. Power cycling the monitor will bring back my desktop.

    Using DVI-D, ATI/AMD videocard, and Win 7.

    I have just started working on getting to the bottom of this. I went into the menu and did a reset all and will test. Currently in the menu I change smart video enhance to off (whole screen would flash purple color when on during youtube video playback - thanks to an amazon reviewer for the fix), preset modes>color space> to srgb (my 10bit card has not arrived yet), and displayport 1.2 enable.

  • First, when I installed the monitor using the DVI cable supplied with the monitor and set the resolution to 2560x1600, the display defaulted to 1280x1600 (shown in gray next to the cable icon on the monitor's front panel pop-up menu).  This 1280x1600 is not listed on the options for resolution settings and gave a severely distorted and pixelated output on the monitor. Is this normal? I am very surprised that the DVI cable did not work with the monitor.

    It's probably not the DVI cable. I think it's because your source can only deliver single link DVI (H77 chipset for instance). And that's why the Dell falls back to 1280x800.

    You either need to use dual link DVI or Display Port.

  • Arash_Afsha,

    1. "but only after the full system sleep is activated"
    * The fault lies with the computer. The monitor is passive. It does not do a "seek" a handshake from the computer. When the computer is coming out of any sleep mode, the computer has to reinitialize the mDP-->DP handshake to the monitor.

    2. Yes, the USB upstream cable has to be connected directly to the computer to activate the monitor  USB ports. But they only support BC 1.2 compliance devices and only charge at 1.5A. You will need to ask apple if their stuff is BC 1.2 compliant.

    3. Post a video of showing us the black lines.

  • Dell-ChrisM,

    Thanks for the reply.

    To your points,

    1.  I can't accept the explanation for the monitor not activating when coming out of sleep mode as being "a fault of the computer" as this did not happen with my previous monitor (27" Samsung) and does not happen with my temporary 19" Dell LCD.

    2. Yes, I have connected the upstream USB cable of course. However, I am disappointed in the reply referring me to Apple. I would expect this from a lesser company than Dell. This monitor is brand new on the market, and should have been designed with the end user in mind, expecting use of peripherals such as an iPad. Still this is not a huge issue for me, but the response is disappointing.

    3. I've attempted a video which hopefully you can see here. The horizontal line distortions are not se visible in white areas, but a problem in grays and skin tones. I am not able to capture a more detailed video to illustrate the problem.

    Click here to play this video


    Also, please note my update on June 5th about the monitor not having display when the computer was started from an OFF state and the problem with not being able to launch the diagnostic menu (holding buttons 1 and 4 with the cable disconnected).

    I would like the monitor replaced with a more recent manufacture date version.

    Thanks for your help.


  • The video doesn't work. Try to upload on YT please.

  • Put video on youtube. My suggestion is to call dell for a replacement that's what most of us have done but they have not sent rev 02 and the last one I received was damaged.

  • Dell-ChrisM, or other Dell support,

    I will put the video on youtube, but it's not very good quality.

    The black lines are the least of my worries now. The monitor just went black for no reason and the on screen menus did not work. The display only came back after I physically turned it off and on.

    Then in the Dell Display Manager, it showed the following:

    If you are unable to help me, please let me know who to contact.

  • Since your monitor has a Service Tag number, contact Dell Technical Support for your country. Provide to them the following data so they can setup a like for like monitor exchange -
    Email Address:
    Shipping Address:
    Phone Number:
    Dell (30") Service Tag number:
    Monitor 20 digit alpha-numeric PPID number:
    Troubleshooting Performed:

  • Thank you Chris,

    You may notice on my first post to this thread, it was the phone support that sent me here in the first place.

    Are you able to open a case number for me please?

    Or give me a better phone number to call.

    I'd hate to go through this all over again over the phone with a new representative.


  • By phone support do you mean Technical Support? If yes, then they must setup the like for like monitor exchange using the service tag number.

  • Please do not perpetuate not waking up from sleep is a computer issue. My u2410 was fine. Two consecutive u3014s did not wake up from sleep. It is not an isolated issue and it is not the fault of the computer.

    The good news is that I received my third monitor today and it has no issues. Wakes up perfectly from sleep and does not have the flashing scanlines.

    To those with issues I suggest not giving up and just keep getting replacements until you get a good egg.

    Good luck.