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U2713HM high pitch noise


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U2713HM high pitch noise

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Hi, I just received a U2713HM monitor, and whenever open a page full of text full screen, the monitor makes a high pitch hum. When I close the page full of text, the hum stops. The same problem seems to be documented here, but without any solution...


Is there a way to fix this? Working with full screen text is pretty much the only reason I got this monitor, and this makes it very hard to do so. The monitor is connected to a laptop (Macbook) using a minidisplay to display port cable.

Edit: from doing some more tests the noise changes tone depending on the size or the amount of text displayed, and the noise happens no matter the application used...

Would I have to return this monitor? It makes it pretty much impossible to work with it.

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  • My Dell u2713hm Rev 01 made in April seems to not have any high pitch noise. Also the backlight bleed is much much less then what i have been seeing online. Slight crosshatching but its so minimal. If you sit the suggested 3-4ft away from the monitor you will barely notice it.

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  • T9999,

    * Press the Menu button on the monitor
    * Go to Other Settings
    * Go to Factory Reset
    * Do a Reset All Settings
    * Exit the OSD (On Screen Display)
    * Open a page full of text full screen
    * Press the Menu button on the monitor
    * Go to Brightness / Contrast
    * They should be at 75/75
    * Raise the Brightness
    * Does the noise stop?

  • Hi Chris, thanks for responding. I've followed these instructions, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the noise...

    One thing I've noticed though if it can help is that in all the presets, "Multimedia" is the one where the noise/buzzing is the least loud (the difference is not huge, but there is a small difference). I don't know what settings are in that preset, but it might be a step in the right direction. Still, as it stands now the monitor remains too loud to work with.

    Edit to give more info: 

    * Monitor 20 digit Serial PPID number = CN-0GK0KD-74445-31E-953L

    * Monitor ports tested = display port

    * Video card and ports tested = Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 Mb  /  minidisplay port

    * PC Model = Macbook Pro 2012, 2.9GHz Intel Core i7

    * Operating System = OS X 10.8.2

  • Some other instances of users reporting this problem :

    "Next, I picked up a u2713hm (...) but it has a high-pitched whine on certain pages (seriously, you can't make it up, it's like a hummingbird drilling into your skull). No sparkles from the AG coating, tons of inputs... but that buzz."


    "Excellent display visually, except for one annoying factor: when the screen is entirely filled with ca 18pt type (approx. 55 lines of it), there is a high-pitched audible whine coming from its electronics. (...) If you then slightly change the zoom you can hear the pitch change -- ca 3500 Hz."


    "I originally awarded this monitor 2 stars and said that it would be a great monitor once the issues have been fixed. The issues being yellow light bleed, cross-hatching and a high pitched whine that may be present when viewing certain web pages. I have now lowered my review score to 1 star and I recommend that you avoid this product."


    "I thought I was good to go and that I didn't have the buzzing issue until I brought up a word document in "full screen reading" mode at which point I could hear a high pitch buzzing sound. If I take the document out of "full screen reading" mode it goes away. I can produce this result in an off/on/off/on fashion consistently."


    "So why am I thinking of returning my U2713HM monitors? By far the biggest problem I have is this buzzing sound that consistently manifests itself on text-heavy pages. This happens with both U2713HM monitors that I have, and is commonly reported by others."


    "We have received a few user reports that the U2713HM exhibits a noticeable buzzing noise when viewing certain content. We have been able to re-create the issue on our sample as well, and it seems to be introduced when viewing full screen content with a lot of text."


    The monitor does looks great apart from that, but the high pitch noise it makes on text heavy pages really makes it unusable (for my purposes anyway). Is this a known problem?

  • In the OSD, set the Brightness to 100, lower the Contrast to suit your eye. In the Display Settings of the same OSD, turn Dynamic Contrast Off. Retest.

  • Thanks, I've just tried this but there wasn't any noticeable difference... Also, to access "Dynamic Contrast" I had to go in Movie or Game mode, or else it was greyed out.

  • Hold off on getting any monitor exchanges. The issue has been escalated. No ETA on when fixed product will be available.

  • Ok, thanks for escalating the issue.

  • Even though there's no ETA on when / if the product is replaced, in how long should I get more information regarding this?

  • Hello, I too have the same issue on my two-day old U2713HMt connected via dual-link DVI.  I've done the troubleshooting steps you indicated and it didn't change anything.  I've tried a second computer hooked up via DisplayPort with no change - pages full of text make the monitor whine.  =(  Can I PM you my info as well?

  • I've sent the info by PM shortly after the request was posted... I'm waiting, but any updates on this?


  • Hi Chris,

    I also am experiencing the buzzing on my U2713HM that I just got today.  Mine is connected via dual link DVI.  I've also gone through all of the troubleshooting steps and nothing seems to help.  For me, the buzzing seems to be the worst when there's white text on a grey background, such as here: hardforum.com/showthread.php

    Do you have any more info about this?  Should I do an exchange or should I PM you my info?

  • Hi Farand, it does seem to be a common (and pretty annoying) problem... as for me, I'm still waiting to hear back regarding this. I don't know what the solution is, but Dell doesn't seem to be in any hurry to provide one.

    Edit : For information purposes, I've just received a PM that simply says "mid april", so I assume that means it will be possible to exchange (or otherwise fix) the monitor around mid april, so in two or three more weeks.

  • Please keep us updated on how it all turns out. I'm planning on buying 2 x U2713HM and unless there is some solution for this well documented problem in the near future, I will probably buy another brand's product instead. But I sincerely hope that a solution will be found because the U2713HM was exactly what I was looking for

  • Since I haven't ever heard anything from Dell and my RMA window with Amazon is closing, I'm just returning mine.

  • I'm being told that by mid-april a fix should be in place,  and that it would be possible to exchange the monitor then. I'll post an update if / when that happens, I don't know more than that for now.