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E2313H driver/display manager problems...


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E2313H driver/display manager problems...

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Just bought two E2313H monitors.  Installed the software provided.

On my WinXP computer, which uses both monitors, the Display Manager seems to have installed just fine but even though the monitors are detected [as:Dell E2313H (Digital) - DELF045 and Dell E2313H (Analog) - DELF044] and drivers are available, apparently they have not passed WIndows compatibility and cannot be installed.  So, how do I overcome this or do I even care?

Now, for my Win7 computer, using just one of the monitors, the monitor is detected [as: def plug and play monitor] and drivers have been found but cannot be installed "please connect your monitor...".  And the Display Manager cannot be used and reads an error: "this program requries a supported Dell monitor and compatible display driver..." even though the Dell monitor is attached albeit detected as menitoned above as "def plug and play" which may or may not have anything to do with the problem.  So, again, how do I overcome this or do I care.  Of course it'd at least be nice to have access to the Display Manager.

P.S. - How the <profanity deleted> are you suppose to email technical support about a monitor [this situation!] when it requires you to input a service tag which doesn't exist?!?!?!

Help!  Thanks.


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