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What cables and/or adapters do I need to connect 3 Dell U2412M monitors to my PC with a AMD Radeon HD 6670 video card


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What cables and/or adapters do I need to connect 3 Dell U2412M monitors to my PC with a AMD Radeon HD 6670 video card

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I do not know what specific cables and/or adapters I need to order in order to connect my PC with a AMD Radeon HD 6670 video card to 3 Dell U2412M monitors.

The AMD Radeon HD 6670 video card has a

    - DisplayPort 1.2 port

      - HDMI 1.4a port

       - DVI-D with HDCPport

The card supports Eye-infinity and up to 4 monitors.

I think the monitors can all run off of the DP port on the card but they may need active adapters but I'm not sure.

What specific cables and adapters should I buy? 

Thank you,


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  • Hi Bob

    I have been going thru the same thing only a little different equipment. I have a HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 on a DELL XPS 8300.

    When I purchased it ...my main reason was to have multiple monitors (3) . I was told that it would operate multiple...it will if one of your monitors has a display port, and then you need a dongle but thats another story.

    Dell recommends a display port which you have on your HD 6670 (good card I understand for the price)  so you should have no problem connecting 3monitors

    Go here and it should walk you thru


    PS I was told I could do a splitter DVI-D but there is a change you may need to make within the AMD sofware not sure if you need to do this with the display port.

    All I could add is,  that a monitor with a display port will have better results versus one without and therefore utizing a dongle  (Display port to ( VGA or DVID) monitor inputs)

    Good Luck



  • Bob

    I forgot, all your Dell Ultra sharp monitors have display port inputs therefore  all you need is a "DisplayPort 1.2 MST HUB.

    This feature is called Multi-Stream Transport, or MST, and it allows a single cable from the graphics card to carry the signal for multiple monitors. Taking advantage of this feature requires one of two things:

    ■A DisplayPort 1.2 MST-capable hub, which connects to the graphics card’s DisplayPort output on one end, and provides multiple monitor connections on the other.

    ■Or DisplayPort 1.2 MST-capable monitors, which allow a user to daisy chain monitors together, with the final monitor connecting to the graphics card.

    Thats it



    PS I would have thought that Dell.com would have tried to sell these to you if you had purchsed the monitors thru them?

  • Hi Ray,

    Thank you for the excellent information. It is really made things much clearer but I am still a bit confused.

    What I think you are telling me to do is: string the monitors together in a "daisy chain"?

    Each U2412M monitor has a DP, DVI-D, and a HDMI port so if I am hearing you correctly then I think what you advising is the following:

    If the U2412M is a DisplayPort 1.2 MST-capable monitor (I am not sure if it is) then what I need to to do is:

    1. Buy a DP 1.2 cable?

    2. Plug one end of the DP 1.2 cable into the DP port of the video card in my PC and plug the other end of it into Monitor 1 then

    3. Plug one end of a DVI-D cable into the DVI-D port of Monitor 1 and the other end into the DVI-D port of Monitor 2 then

    4. Plug one end of a HDMI cable into the HDMI port of Monitor 2 and the other end into Monitor 3?

    PC-Video card<---DP cable---->Monitor 1<--------DVI-D cable------->Monitor2<------HDMI cable------>Monitor3

    Or is there someway to string them all together with a DP 1.2 cable with DVI-D to DP1.2 adapters or something like that?

    I am still confused as to what cables I need to purchase but much less confused than I was before you pointed me in the right direction.

    Gratefully yours, Bob