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Dell SP2009WC webcam driver windows 7


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Dell SP2009WC webcam driver windows 7

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Bought a second sp2009wc 19" monitor wasn't given any drivers with it and been searching everywhere, need a webcam driver because it's not working for me. And only found ones for windows vista and xp. Help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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  • According to the manual, if the monitor was bought from Dell we would have included the "Dell SP2009W Webcam Resource CD"?

    You do not need driver in Windows 7, only the Dell Webcam Central software.

  • I managed to get the driver and dell webcam central installed, although now I am facing another problem. It's looking for a usb webcam and not detecting the built on one? Any ideas?
  • You must connect the monitor USB cable from the monitor and plug it into a USB port on the rear of the computer. Also, if your running in a dual monitor setup, that might be confusing the issue. Setup the SP2009W as a single primary monitor and then test the Webcam.

  • Need  a web cam driver to SP2208WFPt, because it'snot working for me, thanks in advance