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E228WFP: Cannot navigate the OSD menu (+ and - keys don't work?)


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E228WFP: Cannot navigate the OSD menu (+ and - keys don't work?)

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Hello all. I am having trouble with my E228WFP. Just for the record, I can lock and unlock the monitor (hold down menu key). The issue has nothing to do with that. The issue is rather that it seems like the - and + buttons don't work. All other buttons work though. As a result of my inability to use the + - buttons, I cannot navigate the OSD menu or use the quick adjust mode of pressing the + or - keys directly.

I am connecting the monitor via analog vga connection and the image shows up perfectly at 1680x1050... problem is I can't calibrate the image anymore than that.

Please advise if there is a solution :).

Warm Regards,


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  • One last thing... the monitor did pass the self test and I only tested the above issue with an analog (vga) connection. On my new and old laptop in both windows and ubuntu.

  • * Power off the monitor
    * Disconnect the power cable from the monitor
    * Disconnect all monitor cables from the PC (USB, DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI, etc.)
    * While disconnected, press and hold the monitor power button down for 5 seconds
    * Reconnect the video cable to the monitor and to the PC video card
    * Reconnect the power cable to the monitor
    * Power on the monitor if it does not power on by itself
    * Power on the PC
    * Press the monitor Input Source Select button for your cable
    * Once into windows, test the monitor +/- buttons. If still no go and under warranty, get it replaced by Dell

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