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U2412M Driver / Monitor-/Color Profile

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I just received my two new u2412m screens and hooked them up via DVI. All looks good so far, just one remote Citrix application looks weirdly dithered which was not the case with my previous 24"/1920*1200 Samsung screens.

My Win7 64 only recognizes the Dell screens as "Generic PnP Monitor", I would thus like to load the appropriate driver / monitor profile or color profile, which I hope might help with the weird dithering issue.

I downloaded the following driver that was offered to me on the dell page:

Running this file only unzips the following contents (2 files only):

These are the installation instructions from Dell Driver page after unzip:

"6.Click the Start button and then click Run.
7.Type C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R300816 in the Open textbox and then click OK.
8.Follow the on-screen installation instructions."

They of course make absolutely no sense since only the folder "R300816" is opened. There is no executable or .inf file in this folder. Trying to install via the usual Window Device control panel, manual driver selection from Dell folder etc do not work since Windows seems to expect an .inf file.

What am I supposed to do with either the .xml or .cat file that were extracted from the Dell 'driver' file?

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  • The INF file is not on the website but we will correct this. For now, can you get the INF file from the CD that shipped with the monitor? Understand, the INF file does not change the functionality of the monitor. All it does is change the listing in the Device Manager from Plug and Play Monitor to U2412M.

  • The INF file is here.

  • Thank you for your replies and posting the file.

    I did find all relevant files (.inf .cat .icm) on the CD. The dithering issue with the Citrix application has been fixed by one reboot, I guess these applications adjust to the local color profile each time they are started, thus not related to the screen.

  • Hello.

    I have the same monitor as the topicstarter and the same problem with the driver. But I can't resolve it, because I don't have a cd-driver.

    You say you're gonna fix the problem with the files on the site, but for now the problem still stands. Will it be fixed anytime soon? Or maybe you can put all the needed files somewhere else like you did with that .inf file?


  • I would also like drivers for my dual U2412 monitors. I'm having problems with refresh rate setting between 59Hz and 60Hz

  • Me too! I have dual U2412M monitors that revert from setting of 60 back to 59 hertz.  I can see the refresh, and it's bugging me.  Are there any other supported refresh rates for this monitor?

  • Hi Chris,

    The link does not work anymore (404 Not Found). Please can you supply a new link, because the inf file is still missing from the official driver Dell offers for download.

  • This INF file is no longer there and the inf file is still not posted on the driver download page for this monitor so when I hookup a monitor using the VGA connection on windows 7 I can't do squat.  I bought refurbished monitors and they don't ship with a CD, so I am stuck!

  • The link is fixed.

  • Hello. I have DELL U2412M. I have a next problem - usb doesnt work. Why? 

  • The download package for die U2412M is still missing an inf file. Adding the inf file from your link results in a certification error during the installation process. Installing the driver from the CD is no option for me, since I have no optical drive available.

    Please fix the driver download!

  • U2412M-Drivers.zip

    Here is the package that came with my monitors, and seems to installed correctly.

  • Thank you, but your package seems to be empty / erroneous! :-(

  • I just received two new U2412M monitors from Dell. Hoped to use as dual.The second monitor is detected as generic non-pnp. Doen't support same resolutions. I reset the bios to auto for the Intel multiple monitors config. Saved and confirmed. I Don't really understand much of the posts (inf files?) in this topic but I see someone from Dell has been trying to help. I've been unable to connect with Dell chat. Says 'we are sorry' in several languages and they are working on it. Been like that for last 4 days, maybe longer. Here is what I've tried with no luck: (Sorry to be so wordy but can't explain all this on phone. and Dell email support says this may be too complex for email support)


    Second  monitor of dual monitor setup detected as generic non-pnp but both are Dell U2412M. The drag and drop between the monitors is working but the generic monitor (#2) does not support resolutions as high as the U2412M (#1). I'd like to run at 1440x900 on both monitors. But the best I can do that maintains 16/10 aspect (so that graphics are not distorted) and is supported on both monitors is 1280/800. But at that setting there is a warning that some items may be off screen and some are. Much time is wasted trying to get a hold on them to resize.

    How can I get both U2412M monitors detected and operating at 1440x900?


    My Win7x64 and xps8300/Nvideo GeForce 530 system (supports 2 monitors) is operating correctly; full online Dell Diagnostics found no problems.

    Both U2412M monitors should be detected as such and work together at 1440x900.

    I must have done something wrong with the installation.

    Here are the steps I took to install the monitors:

    I began the dual monitor setup by changing the INTEL MULTIPLE MONITOR FEATURE to AUTO in the bios and saved the configuration (confirmed). Next I installed two new Dell U2412M monitors into my xps 8300 with Nvidia 530 card (sytem supports 2 monitors). I carefully followed the steps for installing dual monitors found on at Dell's Monitor Support page for Win7:

    Step 1: Install and connect the monitors as per the installation disk.

    Step 2: Enable the Second Monitor

    Close all open programs.

    Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

    In the Control Panel window, click Adjust screen resolution under Appearance and Personalization.

    Click Detect.

    Click the Multiple displays: drop down, and select the best option for you.

    Note: Click Identify Monitors to see which monitor is number one and number two. Move them around in the order that fits the physical setup you have chosen

    End of Dell instructions.

    Additional information:

    I'm using VGA connectors. One is attached to the graphics card and the other to the system board connector. The USB cables are connected to the back of the computer.

    In the SCREEN RESOLUTION dialog I selected EXTEND THESE DISPLAYS. #1 is the main display and is detected as U2412M but #2 offers only a generic non-pnp monitor.

    Device manager shows only two monitors, one U2412M and a genaric non-pnp, no second U2412M. I ran the monitor's install program again. No change.

    I navigated to the generic monitor driver properties and tried to update it to the U2412M driver from the U2412M installation disk. (D:\Dell U2412M\Driver) No luck, "best driver already installed".

    I noticed #2 was connected to the Nvidia 530 card and #1 to the integrated graphics system. I switched the vga connectors but, as before, only one U2412M was detected.

  • kblaine,

    * Go here:
    * Click Save- Desktop- Save
    * Open the Device Manager
    * Click the icon left of Monitors
    * Double click the generic monitor listed
    * Click the Driver tab
    * Click the Update Driver button
    * Click No, not at this time
    * Click Next
    * Dot Install from a list or specific location
    * Click Next
    * Click Don't search. I will choose the driver to install
    * Click Next
    * Click Have Disk
    * Click Browse and navigate to where the inf file is on your desktop
    * Click the monitor inf file
    * Click Open
    * Click OK
    * Click Next
    * Click Finish
    * Now the Device Manager- Monitors should show your generic monitor as the U2412M