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U2312HM compatible soundbar


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U2312HM compatible soundbar

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Hi, I'm interested in purchasing the U2312HM monitor but cannot seem to understand what soundbars are compatible with it. 

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  • The Dell AY511 SoundBar is what we are selling with the U2312HM.

  • Thanks for the prompt reply but further documenting about the U2312HM and compatible soundbars on your site I found that AX510PA is listed as compatible while the AY511 isn't.  Still a bit confused.

  • AY511, AX510PA & AX510 are compatible with U2312HM

    * AY511 - Better spec than AX510PA / AX510

    * AX510PA - Basically is AX510 shipped with extra power adaptor (PA) for monitor without DC Power Out (12A) jack.

    Dell P and U series monitor (including U2312HM) are equipped with DC Power out jack, so you could rule out AX510PA. Your choice of soundbars should be either AY511 or AX510.

    Hope this help.

  • It surely helps.  Many thanks.

  • Dear Dell Support, please can you reconfirm that the AY511 is compatible with U2312HM? The reason is that this monitor is not listed under the compatible monitor for AY511.



  • As a satisfied user I can confirm you that the AY511 soundbar is fully compatible with the U2312hm monitor.

  • Hi Zazzaz, thanks for your reply. Does the AY511 power connect to the monitor directly or a separate power adapter is required?

  • The AY511 doesn't connect to the monitor but comes packaged with a separate adapter.  My advice is, just go ahead and buy it, both the monitor and the soundbar are awesome and the look of the two together is terrific.

  • I have have bought the monitor, so just considering different options for the speakers. I thought there is an power connector for soundbars on the back of U2312hm monitor. What is this for if AY511 needs a separate power adapter? Many thanks again for your advice!

  • No need to thank, I'm always glad to be helpful.  I really don't think there's a power connector on the back of the monitor you can plug the soundbar in.  But I may be wrong and I can't check at the moment.  Anyway the power adapter comes bundled with the soundbar.

  • Your U2312HM does have the DC Power connector for the Soundbar -


    All Dell Soundbars are fitted with a DC Power lead terminated in a DC Plug. This simply connects to the DC Socket fitted to various, but not all, monitor models.

    For those monitors which are not equipped with a built-in DC Socket the separate Power Adaptor is needed. This has the corresponding DC Socket fitted (not Plug, as is the norm) into which the Soundbar Plug is mated.

    Dell Soundbars intended for monitors without an integral DC Socket are suffixed with PA to indicate the Power Adaptor is included.

  • Looking at the spec of monitor and speakers, this could be the reason:

    As the monitor built-in DC socket could only provides 12W, the DC plug for lower output power (~12W) soundbars (AX510 & AS501) could connect directly to the monitor DC socket. For AY511 with output power 20W (12V-2A), the monitor DC socket could not supply adequate power to power it up and hence it needs power adaptor to connect to the main.

  • Yep, looks like you're spot-on! There is a difference in power requirement hence the need to use the mains adapter.

  • Hi,

    I hope I'm posting this in the right spot (forgive me if I'm not). I own a Dell ST2410 monitor, and have been looking for the correct/compatible SoundBar to connect to this slightly older monitor. Upon doing some thorough research, I have purchased the Dell AY511 (the last one I could find ANYWHERE). As my bad luck has it, it was missing the power adapter. 

    I don't want to return the SoundBar, as I won't be able to find it anywhere else. However, nobody (including Dell customer support) can tell me the model number of the power adapter for the AY511, or where/how I can get a replacement. 

    The back of the SoundBar has very limited information -- 12V, 2A. There is no polarity, or any additional information. 

    Can anyone shed any light on this situation? I am very frustrated, and refuse to accept the fact that I may not be able to get a working SoundBar set up with this monitor. Thanks for your help! 


  • You are confusing watts (Power) and Watts (music)

    The 20W is the music power either RMS or Peak etc.

    The monitor socket is capable of supplying 12 Electrical watts.