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U2410 DDC/CI Software??


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U2410 DDC/CI Software??

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Can anyone please tell me what software can change the internal LUT or use the DDC/CI function??

I tried them all (software), no one seems to use/recognise the u2410 DDC/CI option.

I figured I can use the Service Menu to change the RGB color in the Presets but not the gamma etc..

Chris, any chance you point us to what tools and software dell uses to calibrate the u2410 internal LUT or use the DDC option that the screen has?


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  • Does SoftMCCS give you the ability?

  • Thanks Chris.

    With softMCCS I can only control the basic functions I can do with the menu, so its working but not so useful.

    I wonder if there is a software that can change the Red,Green,Blue settings for each preset like in the Service Menu but without having to enter it.

    And better yet, change the internal LUT (gamma) contols that the u2410 is fully capable of like in more expensive monitors.

    I am pretty sure the u2410 uses the same chipset like the "other" quiality IPS monitors but lacks the options to fully control & calibrate them.

    What software is Dell using in their labs to calibrate the monitor before shipping if I might ask?

  • I would be very happy to have the ability to re-calibrate the internal LUTs.

    I asked about it too when I was a relatively fresh U2410 owner (and struggled a bit with the calibration): http://forums.entechtaiwan.com/index.php?topic=7463.0

    But I am sure that it will never happen.

  • There is a hidden factory menu and is not described in the documentation. There you can change all your colors as prefered  (sorry for my english):

    1. Turn off the monitor

    2. hold down buttons 2 and 4 (from top to bottom)

    3. Power on your monitor

    4. When you see picture release the buttons

    5. Press the first button from top to bottom

    6. Enjoy!

    (Here is a screenshot http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs50/i/2009/337/4/8/factory_menu_by_DIliev.jpg)




  • SonicE

    There is a hidden factory menu and is not described in the documentation. There you can change all your colors as prefered  (sorry for my english):


    This menu lets you change your white point but it doesn't allow you to rewrite your hardware LUTs or gamut correction matrices. You don't have control over the graduation or gamut coverage.


    And this becomes a complex question (and and issue) when you realize that the sRGB gamut emulation is based on the white point + graduation. Your gamut coverage will also change if you try to correct the white point of the sRGB mode. Hovewer, the back-light temperature can change with the room temperature, ageing, etc, so I don't have that nice sRGB emulation mode after a year of usage which was a "selling point" for me.

    The Standard mode is still very nice to use with HQ software CMS but I need the sRGB mode for PC games. And the sRGB mode becomes less and less usable as my display becomes older. I think I will sell my current U2410 before it becomes 1 years old.

    The only problem that I didn't find it's successor yet.

  • I believe that Coloreyes Dispaly Pro from Integrated Color Corp works with DDC monitors.

  • Well, I just loaded up the paid version yesterday and I have yet to get DDC to work. I had it working, at one point, when I was using the demo version and then it wouldn't go into DDC mode, in the software, again. Bought the software thinking that something was up with the demo version but it still will not go into DDC mode in the software. Support can't help me either...they don't know why it doesn't work either :-(

  • Current Coloreyes Dispaly Pro demo version works with Dell U2410 DDC

  • There's no guarantee ColorEyes Display Pro will interact with U2410 DDC. My monitor is a few weeks old and I'm using ColorEyes version 1.6.0 r18 (the latest) on Windows 8 x64. My video card is an AMD Radeon HD 7700 using the Catalyst 12.10 driver. I get "Initialization failed" when I try to use DDC mode.

    There's a current thread about this on the Integrated Color forums. Jack from Integrated Color says that he tested several Dells. Some worked. Some didn't. He puts it down to different panels, and possibly due to video cards (although the later reason is uncommon). In the past Jack has noted that different vendors implement DDC differently, and Dell has been particularly problematic for them to support (the Dell monitors are also a lot more affordable than the monitors they do list as supported).