Dell U2410 rev. A05 changes?


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Dell U2410 rev. A05 changes?

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Since the internet tells me that a new firmware is out for the dell U2410 I would like to know  what the changes are in this version. Thank you in advance for the information.

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  • I only know of A00, A01, and A02. Where are you seeing A05?

  • People are receiving new units with Rev A05 (mainly manufactured from November onwards).

  • I can confirm this. I see many webshops with Rev. A05. That's why I am asking.

  • Show me links to these webshops.


    Ebay list with Rev A05:

    Maybe there are more. These are the results of the first 5 pages of a Google search.

    Kind regards!

  • Are there any news about a changelist and/or a downloadeable rom?

    We can download the A02 update, so we can risk our hardwares already. It would not be any riskier if we can update to A05 insted A02, I guess.

    So, why didin't we get the new binaries already? Confused

  • Update - The A05s your seeing in other regions were given that number change due to non-hardware related changes made at the factories in those regions. The latest hardware revision is A02.

  • Thanks, but the questions remain:

    - Are there any firmware related changes?

    - (If yes:) When will we get the new binaries to update our hardwares?


    I wouldn't say I have problems. Morover, I think I have a very good U2410 right now (a refurbished A00 with and A02 paper matrice and updated firmware), and it's a good hardware on the market today. But I am still barely satisfied with this display, so any small improvements would be welcomed. (And may be it will make me stop searching for any better alternatives. -> Yes, I couldn't find anything yet. It would prove that it's a good display, but it's still far from perfect...)

    I think a simple firmware update won't change anything which bothers me right now, but who knows...

  • Are there any firmware related changes?
    * No.

    Edited on 8/26/11 - Not on a hardware level. The A03/4/5 were cosmetic changes made in the OSD (On Screen Display).

  • If u2410's are being sold as 'with ao5 revision'  - can it be assumed that these will include

    the ao2 update? It appears the sellers have no idea.  If the assumption is incorrect -what can we assume- if anything? Makes buying

    one fraught as you don't know what you are getting- or what firmware update you have to apply! Finally if the pull out label shows ao5  it is most confusing.

  • has the tinting issue been resolved yet? i went through SIX u2410's mid this year, all tinted - still hunting a 24" ips

  • All U2410s coming from our factories and repair centers are A02. So it makes sense that the A05 would be an A02.

  • Your post from the 15th is blank?

  • I would like to know the answer to this as well. I'm in the process of returning two u2410 models. Both had tinting and lighting problems and one even had a faulty stand. I'm really beginning to consider the HP unless Dell comes through with a fix...soon. The fact that the switch from A04 to A05 doesn't mean anything isn't promising.