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Installing monitor driver on Windows 7


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Installing monitor driver on Windows 7

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I am trying to install a driver on a Dell computer running a Dell monitor on Windows 7.  The instructions state that after downloading and extracting the files I should hit the start button and click Run.  I do not see the run button on Windows 7.  How do I get the installation to launch?  Thanks


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  • I figured out how to customize the start button to add the run function to the start menu on Windows 7, however, I still cannot get the driver to launch.  Any suggestions?

  • * Download the monitor driver to your desktop
    * Doubleclick the downloaded file from your desktop
    * Unzip the driver into its own folder on the desktop
    * Open the Device Manager
    * Click the icon left of Monitors
    * Double click the monitor listed
    * Click the Driver tab
    * Click the Update Driver button
    * Click No, not at this time
    * Click Next
    * Dot Install from a list or specific location
    * Click Next
    * Click Don't search. I will choose the driver to install
    * Click Next
    * Click Have Disk
    * Click Browse and navigate to the folder on your desktop that has the unzipped monitor inf file
    * Click the monitor inf file
    * Click Open
    * Click OK
    * Click Next
    * Click Finish

  • This procedure produces does not install Dell 1704FPT and/or E1909WDD

  • Hi Neikius,

    The steps may vary for different models of Monitor. Please visit the following links and expand “Installation Instructions” on the page to find steps on how to install the drivers:

    For Dell E1909WDD MONITOR click here.

    For Dell 1704FPT click here.

    Please revert for clarification. 

    Thanks & Regards
    Zohaib R
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