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2209WAf Buzzing Noise


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2209WAf Buzzing Noise

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I have spent the last hour searching for a service tag for my monitor  2209WAf and it apparently turns out that there isn't one! so the question is how does one get past the service tag requirement to send an email? answer you cant! so join the forum and post on there!

My 11 month old 2209WAf is buzzing away like crazy and its seems from trawling the internet to be a common fault, the only way to get rid of the noise is to turn the monitor off (makes it hard to use) or turn the brightness up to 100 (again makes it hard to use) so my question is this: do i have to return the monitor to the original purchase point (ebuyer) or will Dell sort me a replacement direct?



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  • * Go back to the top of the Monitor Forum
    * Open the second Announcement, "My monitor doesn't have a service tag number? How do I get service..."
    * Open the first Sticky, Monitor FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Open Monitor Warranties

  • Thanks for your reply Chris, I did read that post before posting but it only relates to Dell orders... 9 digit Order number on the original Dell invoice... my monitor was bought from ebuyer.com so i have no Dell order number.

  • Reseller monitor warranty policy (Ebay)
    Contact the reseller and get his Dell order number for the monitor. That order number will tell us the start and end date of the warranty. If he paid for the warranty, we can transfer the monitor warranty into your name. If he cannot provide a Dell order number, he most likely did not buy the warranty coverage and bought them from us in as is condition.