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SX2210 USB upstream cable


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SX2210 USB upstream cable

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Hi everyone,

I've just taken delivery of my new SX2210 monitor - which I think is a wonderful piece of kit.

The only problem I have is that the USB up stream cable isn't long enough for my ideal desk layout. As far as I can see Dell UK don't sell longer cables - although I would be happy for someone to point me in the right direction if they do.

Assuming they aren't available from Dell, does anyone know if these are available in the "open" market, and what they are called. I know this might sound stupid - but I wouldn't know what to ask for, and would hate to buy the wrong type of cable (as it looks to me like a non-standard connection at the monitor end).

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful - otherwise I'll just have to try and rearrange my home office layout.




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  • USB upstream cable?

    The only USB cable that I have on the computer at work is a USB A male to USB B male. Like

    You can buy longer ones. Check on eBay first.

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  • It certainly looks like one of those - I didn't know they were called USB A and USB B (I've learnt something today !)



  • Make sure the cable you get has the embedded ferrite bead like in this picture.

  • Hi Chris,

    Sorry for being thick - but "embedded ferrite bead" is a bit too techy for my simple brain. The picture in your link looks the same as the Belkin cable in ieee488's link to me...

    If a standard USB A/B cable won't work, what exactly should I be looking for in the advertising blurb to make sure I get the right one?


  • Do you see the fat plastic knob on the cable? That is it.

  • Thanks Chris - that's 2 things I've learnt today Smile


  • Just purchase an Male/Female USB extension cable.  I did this and it is fine.  Very cheap.  Bill

  • Thanks BillsWits - that's very helpful.

    I was a little stumped by what ChrisM had advised, as I haven't been able to find anyone who sells one of these cables with the embedded ferrite bead, plus the one that Dell sent with the monitor doesn't seem to have one either...