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Dell U2311H Rev. A00 and A01


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Dell U2311H Rev. A00 and A01

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Hello guys, I am gonna order Dell U2311H and I have asked the shopkeeper about it's Revision so he said that it's revision A00 and he said that there is a manufactured date written on the box which is September 2010.

Could u plz tell me and help me in this as u have any knowledge regarding it?

Is backlight bleed and tinting issue has been really improved in Rev. A01?

coz Dell U2311H Rev. A00 is only available here so what to do now?

Plz do tell me more information between both the revisions?

Thank you.

i have just talked to the dell customer service representative and they said that backlight bleeding and tinting issue has been resolved in the rev A00

but still i m in dilemma about that term


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  • Dell monitors do not have chromaticity uniformity specification. As long as the exact center point of any monitor meets x=0.313 and y=0.329 (6500K), it meets our specifications to the manufacturer. Dell does not have a "whole display" chromaticity uniformity specification. So, the center point may be 6500K, but the sides and corners may not which is why you may feel that one side is brighter or darker than the other side.

    If the Brightness and Contrast are maxed to 100 and you measure the brightness difference of any two points on the monitor, the brightness difference will never be greater than 25%. Which is our manufacturer specification. Unfortunately, the human eye can easily detect any 5% or 10% difference in brightness.

  • Thank you for ur input. It's a very useful information u have provided me.

    But plz answer me of my actual asked question which I have asked in my first post.