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no video signal during boot on DVI 1 or DVI 2 with 2709 W


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no video signal during boot on DVI 1 or DVI 2 with 2709 W

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Dell has changed my 2709 w after a display problem , with the new one there is no signal video at the boot on DVI 1 or DVI 2 , but when i'm at the windows Home,the monitor is on. Under Windows 7 the monitor is recognised as a Dell 2709 "Analog" ?????? , but with no signal video during the boot i can't go in the BIOS , it's impossible to modify the config .

But if i Use the HDMI connection, i've no problem , video signal is ready during BIOS en the monitor is known as DELL 2709 "HDMI"

Any idea about this disfonctionement ?

Sorry for my poor english.

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  • Do the PC video card DVI outs work on another monitor?

    * Power off the PC
    * Power off the monitor
    * Disconnect the power cord from the monitor
    * Disconnect all monitor cords from the PC (USB, DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI, etc.)
    * While disconnected, press and hold the monitor power button down for 5 seconds
    * Reconnect the DVI cord to the monitor and to the PC video card
    * Reconnect the power cord to the monitor
    * Power on the monitor if it does not power on by itself
    * Power on the PC
    * Press the monitor Input Source Select button and choose DVI. What happens?

  • I have no other monitor, but I have an other Graphic Card ( Nvidia GTX 260 ) . When i came back home, i'm working now, I'll tried your solution , and if it's not good , i Change the CG with the GTX 260.

    Thank you for your help



  • I've tried your solution without result, i've also reset my Graphic card always the same thing. I've tried two others Craphic cards :Leadtek 260 GTX and Gainward GT 240 and like my gigabyte 470 GTX I've no vidéo signal at the boot. I've bought a new DVI cord , and tried with it and always the same.

    What can I do , the HDMI connexion is effective, an Other exchange ?

    Thank you for your answer

  • No news from you , perhaps can you send me a DVI-D Dual Link cable (Dell part NG032)?

  • cptluke

    If your in the Americas, I need the following in a private message. Click my username, click Send Message -
    Email Address:
    Shipping address:
    Phone number:
    PC Service Tag number:
    Reason/Issue: DVI-D Dual Link cable NG032