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U2410 USB Hub / CardReader drivers Win7 x64


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U2410 USB Hub / CardReader drivers Win7 x64

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After connecting U2410 via USB cable to PC with Win7 x64, there are no drivers for USB Hub / CardReader.
Windows Update finds nothing, are they availaible for download?

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  • The only monitor driver is here. Did you load it? What happens when you insert a media card into the card reader?

  • Mentioned drivers are only .inf and .icm files, they are not for integrated USB or CardReader.

    Under Win7 x64 Device Manager there is 'unknown device' with hardware ID USB\UNKNOWN - drivers not loaded.

  • The USB hub and card reader use the standard drivers in Windows.

    What motherboard/PC are you using?

    I would suggest you try disconnecting the USB cable and reconnecting  it to another USB port on your computer. Try several to see if it makes any difference. Also, you could try connecting the USB cable from the monitor to another computer to see if it detects it proprely or not.

  • Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-EP43T-USB3 with Intel Chipset.


    There is no diference when I connect USB cable to another port, even if it is USB 3.0 from NEC, not Intel integrated UBS 2.0.

    USB Hub / CardReader is not recognized by Win7 x64 on my PC nor Win7 x86 on my notebook.

    So as it seems to me, simply this modern monitor without drivers is not compatible with Win7, it is realy dissapointing.

  • hi

    I currenly have the same problem. I connected the display (U2410f, REV A02) to the dockingstaition of my dell latitude (Win7, 64Bit). But it doesn't matter if i plug it into an usb port of the notebook or of the dockingstation. The cardreader is still an unknown device.


    Is there a driver for the cardreader? not for the display - this works fine!


    thanks in advance for your answer

    Rocky, Switzerland

  • Here is info at Windows 7 Compatibility Center, that U2410 is Compatible without any aditional drivers with Win7 x86 or x64. But that is not true.


  • That work's for me.

    Perhaps it has to be something with the version of the usb port, some of them are 1.1 and others are version 2.0